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Dan Biggar warns that other Wales players will join him in France, making tonight’s rugby news.

Dan Biggar claims that he will be joined in France by additional English and Welsh players.

The man from Toulon told the Mail: The past few months have shown me that anything is possible; the way things are in Wales and the Premiership. It’s been a wild ride. We are fully committed to making it a success both on and off the pitch because of the rapid pace of change.

“Let’s just say it is. Every week, there are a lot of people here. On a Sunday night in Bordeaux, they had 33,000.

In the UK, no one shows up to those games, right? I accept you’ll see an ever increasing number of players come over.

Exeter produced numerous academy players who went on to become world-class players; however, it is a fact that not everyone can be included in the roster. In my opinion, you are constraining a club if the salary cap in England is £5 million and they can spend £7 million. I think the salary cap is too low, and the evidence is in the pudding because players are leaving.”

Gareth Anscombe, a flyhalf, and Ryan Elias, a hooker, are two Wales stars who have been linked to significant financial moves to France. Max Llewellyn, a gifted young center for Cardiff, is headed to Gloucester, and Dillon Lewis, a prop for Wales, is expected to travel in the same direction. In the midst of the ongoing uncertainty regarding funding at the four regions, additional Welsh players are contemplating their future.

On New Year’s Day, Young’s team suffered a narrow 22-19 home defeat to the Ospreys after a narrow away victory over the Dragons.

He stated: As I stated prior to the Dragons game, I do not believe there is much of a difference between the Welsh teams. In the two games that we’ve seen, it has gone down to the last second on the two events, which demonstrates there’s very little between us.

13 penalties were awarded to us. The Ospreys had a lot of opportunities inside our 22 because there were a lot of penalties near the breakdown and halfway line.

They will eventually score seven points if you score four or five driving lineouts from five meters out. We clearly gave them all the field position and momentum in the second half as we struggled really hard to get out of our own half through indiscipline. We try to avoid set piece penalties, but we are aware that they are a high-quality outfit in that area.

 However, the fact that I never thought that game would get too far away from us made me happy. If you look back on the previous season, we never really received any try bonus points or losing bonus points. We lost a lot if we failed. However, I believed that the game was never far from us, and that we were always a part of it.

Brian Moore, a rugby analyst, is of the opinion that Joe Marler should not have had his six-week suspension for insulting an opponent’s mother largely suspended.

Unless he breaks the rules again, the England and Harlequins prop will only serve two weeks of a six-week sentence. Since then, specifics about what sparked the altercation at the festive match between Bristol and Harlequins have surfaced. Here, you can read what Marler said and why Jake Heenan of Bristol “lost his head.”

Moore believes that Marler deserved less leniency because of his previous bad behavior, such as abusing Wales prop Samson Lee in 2016 and grabbing Alun Wyn Jones’ testicles in 2020.

In the Telegraph, he wrote: In contrast to his less-than-ideal general disciplinary record, Marler’s record for on-field incidents of the disreputable and unworthy was already poor.

Following a two-week suspension for referring to Welsh player Samson Lee as a “gypsy boy,” Wales skipper Alun Wyn Jones received a ten-week suspension in 2020 for grabbing his genitals.

The RFU must make it clear to Marler at some point that they do not want him to keep apologizing for these kinds of things; rather, they want him to stop doing them.

There was no reason to suspend any portion of Marler’s sentence if core values really do matter. If you don’t complain and claim that worse was said to you on Sunday morning, perhaps you are out of line here.”

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