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David Warner withdrew his appeal against the leadership ban on December Australian cricket does not deserve David Warner

Against As you travel across the country, you’ll often hear people express this sentiment. Typically, it is laced with a certain amount of arrogance. The kind you think of when you think of someone in that condition who has been raised to be a troublemaker and never grows up.

However, the reality is that Australian cricket does not merit David Warner. However, this is because they have never valued him sufficiently or in the manner that they ought to have. This appears to be at the heart of all the issues that have surfaced in the wake of the most recent off-field drama in Australian cricket.

Yes, Warner’s captaincy ban may be the specific cause of the hullaballoo that has threatened to divert attention from the second Test in Adelaide. However, it is more indicative of the way he has been treated at home for the majority of his career. forever the villain. The attack dog forever. forever the victim.

Someone whose integrity has been compromised far too frequently for the alleged greater good of Australian cricket.

Therefore, Warner’s doubt that Australian cricket has always considered his best interests is understandable. That he was ready to pull out his allure at the smallest clue that he and his family would need to remember the consequence of the Cape Town disaster from mid 2018 is just a further sign of that absence of trust. And it’s hard to fault him.

It’s made worse by the fact that Australian cricketers constantly demand that Warner demonstrate that he has changed since his mishaps in South Africa nearly five years ago. This is especially true now that it is generally agreed upon that Steve Smith, who served that one-year ban alongside his statemate, has moved on from it and can be given the captaincy of this team once more.

Looking it at from an external perspective, you as a matter of fact can’t help thinking about why there even should be an examination or an allure into whether Warner is prepared to be a forerunner in Australian cricket. Based solely on how he has acted on and off the field since returning to the fold in 2019, it would appear to be obvious.

If Australian cricket hasn’t already realized it, they’ve missed out on a lot by not using his leadership skills in a more formal capacity.

Not only in terms of the tactical expertise he brings to the field, but also in terms of the global perspective he has acquired through his activities outside of the Australian cricket system, particularly in the Indian Premier League. You only need to talk to the many young Indian cricket players who have played under Warner to understand how much of a positive impact he has had on them as a whole.

When viewed again from the outside, the “lifetime leadership” ban for having influenced the ball’s condition always seemed like an excessive reaction that Australian cricket would be unable to reverse. They have once more brought to light the archaic master-slave relationship that exists between administrators and players in sports, particularly cricket, and hasn’t completely disappeared by delaying this issue for much longer than was necessary.

It may take some time for the mishap’s final outcome to become clear. However, this goes beyond Warner’s immediate future in the format and his current quest for a significant score in Test cricket. It also goes beyond the number of BBL games he plays or the contribution he can make to Australian cricket as a player. Even if it continues to ring true that they do not deserve him, Australian cricket will need to act quickly to avoid losing him forever.

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