Dead Space Remake Video Shows a Remarkably Isometric Perspective on the Horror Game

Somebody utilizes a particular shooting method to give the Dead Space remake an isometric look, which makes the game seem to be a miniature world.

Although the over-the-shoulder look is a lot of in right now with regards to scary games, somebody has given the remake of Dead Space a more isometric viewpoint, which provides the game with an altogether different energy. While the OG 2008 release has gone down as one of the most celebrated horror titles of the 2000s, assisting with restoring the class when it was encountering a character emergency, the new remake of Dead Space has more than demonstrated its worth, almost bettering Visceral Games’ original.

EA Intention’s revamped iteration of the dearest horror game has not just gotten high praise from fans and pundits alike, yet it’s caught the attention of the speedrunning local area. As of late, a player managed to finish the Dead Space remake in less than two hours, establishing a new worldwide best. This is great, not just because a casual playthrough takes around 12-13 hours just to get to the end credits, yet additionally because it demonstrates the way that certain individuals can become desensitized to the horror.

Credit- Flurdeh

Another thing that can dial down the dread factor of a game like Dead Space is the camera angle. As spotted by DSO Gaming, the YouTube channel Flurdeh has released a clip that shows the game according to an alternate point of view. Utilizing a strategy known as slant moving, they’ve managed to give the game a more isometric look, which makes it seem like Isaac Clarke and the general climate is actually a miniature world. It actually retains the abusive atmosphere and overall visuals, yet this change in context makes the otherwise scary remake almost adorable.

This is also not whenever Flurdeh first followed through with something like this. Last year, the channel also put out a video that showed what Elden Ring would look like from this isometric perspective. Again, it really alters the vibe of the game, making everything look little and less threatening. It ought to be brought up that such recordings are simply ideas that use the slant-moving strategy and don’t appear to address any mods that are available or being chipped away at. As the actual channel says, the aim is to see “the landscape and worlds of computer games from a totally alternate point of view.”

With the new rendition of Dead Space, in addition to remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Quiet Slope 2, also new sections in the Outlast and Layers of Fear franchises, there’s a ton happening in horror gaming right now. Many would agree that the class has been encountering something of a renaissance these past few years.

Dead Space is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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