Dolph Ziggler Talks About His Wrestling Future

Dolph Ziggler’s ideal plan for his future in the WWE isn’t a joke, but he hopes to keep telling them onstage.

The two-time WWE World Champion discussed his distinguished pro wrestling career, his burgeoning comedy ambitions, and how he sees them complementing one another in the future on the podcast “The Archive of B-Sox.”

Ziggler, 42, stated, “I love what I do, I feel great, and I’ve been very lucky injury-wise.” I believe I’ve missed a few work weeks in my 19 years.

The former Mr. Money in the Bank stated that the fact that he now has an additional day off from his wrestling schedule has given him the opportunity to further investigate a career in comedy, which he believes may one day consume more of his time than wrestling.

He stated, “Dedicating half of my week to comedy is really fun for me.” Wrestling doesn’t last forever. I’ve been very fortunate thus far, and even though I’ve been here for ten years straight, I enjoy being able to experiment, whether that be by conducting an interview, one-man show, improv show, or Broadway audition.

According to Ziggler, “everything that gets you on stage” makes you “smoother and comfortable” when performing live.

That helps you as a standup, however, it likewise helps you in the ring … thus, one way or the other it’s a shared benefit,” he added. ” But I’d love to be in WWE four times a year to wrestle a big match with someone, and the rest of the year I’d like to be Mick Foley or do a comedy show.

” Ziggler appears to be headed for a feud with Austin Theory, the newly crowned United States Champion. For the time being, Ziggler remains an active member of the roster for “WWE Raw.”

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