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EA and Codemasters announce F1 Game 22 release date

F1 22 is a racing video game. Which was produced by Code Masters. And EA Sports has published. Meanwhile, this is the fifteenth entry in the Codemasters f1 series. Not only that, the game has 2022 Formula One and Formula 2 Championship official licenses. Check EA and Codemasters announce F1 Game 22 release date.

Everyone is excited about the game. Gamers are desperately waiting for the game to be delivered. The current season’s game has undergone many significant changes. Hopefully, these changes have been made with the car design and team roster.

EA and Codemasters announce F1 Game 22 release date

EA and Codemasters announce F1 Game 22 release date
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A release date has been set for the next installment of the official F1 22 video game series. Where it will be set with a new trailer on EA’s website. Also, Breaking Point has introduced a new story mode titled. The F1 22 is amazing with some features, new connections, and developer-shared gameplay footage.

Not only that, it has a lot of necessary updates for the players, a new circuit, and an experience overhaul. With that, this year’s F1 season is playing a role in the heavy and investment game in all the driver crews.

So we can see similar campaigns being launched. The event will reveal when this game will be released.

Release Date:

F1 22 was delivered on 21st April 2022. Where both Codemasters and EA Sports work on the game. This is an official video game for the 2022 Formula One and Formula 2 Championships.

The game will launch on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Five, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S Plus platforms through the Store. And this launch is going to be on 1st July 2022. Under that conditions, the champion version of the game will be delivered three days earlier, on June 28, 2022.

Unfortunately, it will not be available on the Nintendo Switch. Not only that, there is more sad news. That is, this game will not support crossplay or cross-platform multiplayer between consoles and PCs.

Is it wonderful for us? Not at all because the F1 21 didn’t have it either. It still has cross-gen multiplayer support. The website’s description of the game indicates that only players with the same version of the game can play against or against each other.

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