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Edu Bedia Net Worth in 2021-22, ISL Salary, Stats, Personal Life all you need to know

Eduardo ‘Edu’ Bedia Peláez is a professional Spanish football player. He plays for the Goa team in the Indian Super League. Bedia serves as the captain of FC Goa. Bedia was born on 23 March 1989 in Santander, Cantabria. Recognized as a better football player who plays as a central midfielder. Check Edu Bedia Net Worth In 2021-22, ISL Salary, Stats, Personal Life All You Need To Know.

Many people who like football like this player of FC Goa as their favorite player. Many people want to know many things about their favorite player such as personal life salary, annual earnings, etc. If you want to know the life of your favorite player Edu bedia. You can read the information given below.

Edu bedia net worth in 2021-22

Edu Bedia is a professional football player who performs better on the football field on the basis of his talent. Due to the brilliant game, he has got a special status in the team, being a good player. He also earns a lot like an expensive player in 2021. According to it, he earns about $ 1.5 million in a year. Apart from playing football, they also earn money from many types of endorsements.

In the Indian Super League, players get different salaries according to their performance, in such a situation, this player plays as a mid player for FC Goa on the basis of his performance, who is maintaining his place in the team as an expensive player.

ISL Salary

Bedia is an experienced player in Goa’s team. He is given a salary of ₹ 13,421,926 to play in the Indian Super League. Bedia plays as a midfielder for FC Goa. He has helped the team win many times on the basis of his better performance. This is mainly a Spanish player Edu is associated with the Indian Super League on a contract basis. He is the captain from FC Club Goa, on the basis of this contract, the players are given a salary.


Personal information

Full name: Eduardo Bedia Peláez

Date of birth: 23 March 1989 (age 32)

Place of birth: Santander, Spain

Height: 1.84 m (6 ft 0 in)

Position(s): Midfielder

Club information

Current team: Goa

Number: 23

Youth career

1999–2007: Racing Santander

Personal Life

Edu bedia is known to everyone as a football player. Many people also like him, due to his strong performance at the age of 32. He has achieved this position today and has made his country proud as a football player. Today he is a successful captain for the Goa team in the Indian Super League. He is also given a better salary, bedia lives a better lifestyle. Many of his followers want to know about his personal life, so let’s know about him.

Bedia is a successful player, so many people want to know about his personal life who are his parents, etc. For your information, let us tell you that Bedia is not married yet and at present. He is not even dating anyone. Apart from this, not much information is available about his past, apart from this. He is active on many different platforms of social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Bedia joined the Indian Super League on 2 September 2017 and on 13 July 2015. He signed a two-year contract with Real Oviedo. Apart from this, he played many early tournaments to reach this point in his career. On the strength of hard work and dedication. He achieved this position, and today he is our favorite player as a great football player.

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