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Elden Ring Player Defies Odds By Perfectly Timing

Elden Ring Player Defies Odds By Perfectly Timing Incantation To Kill Melania In Midair An Elden Ring player defies the odds by perfectly timing an extended incantation to defeat the Goddess of Rot as she flies through the air.

To defeat Melania as she soared through the air, an Elden Ring player cast an incantation at precisely the right moment. One of Elden Ring’s most infamous foes, The Blade of Miquela slashes through hordes of Tarnished before they even see a flurry of attacks so devastating that it cements Melania’s place in gaming history.

FromSoftware games are well-known for being difficult due, in part, to the numerous boss fights that are included in each release. From Demon’s Souls to Bloodborne, the Elden Ring developer has always created experiences that are so difficult that a whole community of players dedicates themselves to finding impressive strategies for defeating them.

Some players make an effort to accomplish this through self-imposed restraint, as when Melania was defeated by a player who lacked armor, shields, or health, but others prefer to operate in a slightly more aesthetic manner.

The caption of a video that jdyhrberg posted to Reddit accurately reflects the disbelief that many people would feel when they see Melania being one hit away from death. Melania rises into the air and prepares to bloom once more, armed with the potent Bloodhound’s Fang and boosted by the Bloodflame Blade incantation. However, the player stops moving and uses an incantation known to anyone who has fought Mohg: “Bloodflame Talons.”

Similar to the Lord of Blood’s attack, the Bloodflame Talons cause the surrounding area to explode in a sphere of intense flames after the caster claws at the air in front of them for about a second.It’s a move that has a reputation for catching out players who try to avoid it at the right time and are frequently caught by the delayed explosion.

Also, this incantation is known to be much weaker than the one Mohg used, so getting it right would be a huge challenge, especially when you’re fighting a fast enemy like Melania.

However, the enemy plunges headfirst into the first defeat of her life, stopping the Scarlet Aeonia that, if it had connected, would undoubtedly have killed the player. One of the most impressive displays ever seen in Elden Ring left people in comments speechless.

Everyone agreed that the victory was also beautifully shot, with the Raging Wolf set player celebrating by pointing to the camera.

Elden Ring is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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