England Women vs India Women, 1st ODI (ICC Championship Match) Dream11 Prediction, Head To Head, Playing XI, Weather Forecast, Pitch Report, & Fantasy Cricket Tips, Where To Watch Live Coverage?

IN-W versus EN-W Dream11 Expectation, Dream Cricket Tips, Dream11 Group, Playing XI, Pitch Report, Injuries India Ladies vs Britain Ladies Match Update. They will play each other in an unprecedented three-match T20I series between them.

The first T20I match between Britain Ladies and India Ladies will be played on September 10 at the Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Road. For every Dream11 tip and Dream Cricket live updates follow us on the Cricketaddictor news channel.

The start of this game is booked at 23:30 IST and the live score and editorial should be visible on FanCode and CricketAddictor.

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Best Dream11 Expectations and Dream Cricket Tips:

Shafali Verma is a right-arm batsman and bowler from India Ladies. She has smashed 886 runs in her 37 professional T20I matches so far. He will be a crucial option for this match.

Smriti Mandhana is a player from India Ladies. Till this point, she has scored 2192 runs in her 92 professional T20I matches. Here he can benefit from the beginning.

Danielle Wyatt is an eligible player from Britain Ladies. So far she has amassed 2107 runs in her 103 professional T20I matches.

Amy Jones is an eligible player from Britain Ladies. To this point, she has scored 1104 runs in her 73 professional T20I matches.

IN-W vs EN-W Match Skipper and Bad Habit Major Decisions India Ladies First T20I Tour Over Britain:

Captain – Natalie Sciver, Shafali Verma

Skipper with a Bad Habit – Sophie Ecclestone, Smriti Mandhana

Recommended Playing XI #1 for IN-W vs EN-W Dream11 Group:

Manager – Amy Jones

Hitters – Jemimah Rodrigues, Smriti Mandhana, Danielle Wyatt

Universal – Natalie Sciver (C), Deepti Sharma, Alice Capasey, Pooja Vastrakar

Bowlers – Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Sophie Ecclestone (VC), Renuka Singh.

IN-W versus EN-W Dream11 Expectations

Recommended Playing XI #2 for IN-W vs. EN-W Dream11 Group:

The Guardian – Amy Jones

Players – Jemimah Rodrigues, Smriti Mandhana, Danielle Wyatt, Shafali Verma (C)

Versatile – Natalie Sciver (VC), Deepti Sharma, Alice Capasey

Bowlers – Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Sophie Ecclestone, Renuka Singh

IN-W versus EN-W Dream11 Forecast

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IN-W versus EN-W Match Master Exhortation India Ladies Visit First T20I via Britain:

Natalie Sciver will be a decent multiplier for small associations as well as small excellent associations. Pooja Vastrakar and Shafali Verma are among the best. The best-designed dream/Dream11 mix for this game is 1-3-4-3.

IN-W vs EN-W Match Probable Winners India Ladies Visit First T20I via Britain:

Considering the batting setup, India Ladies should dominate this game.

Head to head

Nooshin Al KhadeerIND-W4 Aug 20064 Aug 20061100.004.33
Lynsey AskewENG-W4 Aug 20064 Aug 20061100.005.50
Caroline AtkinsENG-W4 Aug 20067 Mar 201052331.5033.33
Tammy BeaumontENG-W3 Mar 201014 Jul 202118142966222.77104.965
Lauren BellENG-W10 Sep 202213 Sep 20222200.006.86
Taniya BhatiaIND-W25 Mar 20186 Aug 20229431117.7570.452
Rosalie BirchENG-W4 Aug 20064 Aug 200611555.0062.50
Ekta BishtIND-W27 Jun 20129 Mar 201953535.00100.005716.145.95
Maia BouchierENG-W6 Aug 202215 Sep 202242383438.00122.581
Arran BrindleENG-W25 Jun 201128 Sep 201242221211.0078.574415.505.642
Katherine BruntENG-W4 Aug 20066 Aug 202218133985.5766.10182316.225.456
Alice CapseyENG-W6 Aug 202215 Sep 202244873843.50150.00200.0012.00
Anjum ChopraIND-W4 Aug 20067 Mar 201054592214.7571.081
Holly ColvinENG-W10 Jun 200928 Sep 201251000.000.005616.835.613
Kate CrossENG-W4 Mar 20199 Mar 201933414.504.832
Soniya DabirIND-W3 Mar 201025 Mar 201443191219.00100.004518.207.001
Archana DasIND-W25 Jun 201228 Sep 201232222.00100.003171.008.52
Diana DavidIND-W5 Mar 201025 Jun 201132212.0066.673414.505.27
Alice Davidson-RichardsENG-W25 Mar 201829 Mar 201821333.0050.00100.0010.001
Freya DaviesENG-W7 Feb 202015 Sep 202277446.007.46
Harleen DeolIND-W4 Mar 201914 Jul 202165461711.5065.713214.507.251
Anagha DeshpandeIND-W25 Jun 201125 Jun 201111555.0033.332
Rumeli DharIND-W4 Aug 20067 Mar 201053896689.0097.805327.675.531
Preeti DimriIND-W4 Aug 20064 Aug 200611119.004.75
Sophia Dunkley-BrownENG-W23 Nov 201815 Sep 20221071536130.60120.471
Sophie EcclestoneENG-W25 Mar 201815 Sep 20221142890.00127.27111222.007.045
Charlotte EdwardsENG-W4 Aug 200621 Mar 201611112046122.6796.685256.506.163
Georgia ElwissENG-W25 Mar 201425 Mar 201411115.005.00
Tash FarrantENG-W25 Mar 201829 Mar 201821222.0022.222223.007.671
Bharati FulmaliIND-W7 Mar 20199 Mar 201922231811.5069.70
Katie GeorgeENG-W25 Mar 201829 Mar 201821000.000.00200.0014.00
Richa GhoshIND-W9 Jul 202115 Sep 202264773319.25137.502
Sarah GlennENG-W31 Jan 202015 Sep 202281110.0050.008821.887.39
Kirstie GordonENG-W23 Nov 201823 Nov 201811210.005.00
Jhulan GoswamiIND-W4 Aug 200629 Mar 201811749128.1794.2311730.715.864
Lydia GreenwayENG-W10 Jun 200921 Mar 20161081123018.6781.169
Rebecca GrundyENG-W25 Mar 201421 Mar 201622133.005.50
Jenny GunnENG-W4 Aug 200625 Mar 20181281333822.17100.768437.007.408
Alex HartleyENG-W29 Mar 20184 Mar 201921220.00100.00200.005.40
Danielle HazellENG-W3 Mar 201023 Nov 20188543188.6071.678819.385.74
Dayalan HemalathaIND-W23 Nov 201815 Sep 20224420105.0066.67100.0010.00
Karu JainIND-W25 Mar 201425 Mar 201411000.000.001
Amy JonesENG-W25 Mar 201815 Sep 202214112065320.60112.574
Hemlata KalaIND-W4 Aug 20064 Aug 200611550.0062.50100.007.00
Harmanpreet KaurIND-W10 Jun 200915 Sep 202222224274223.72100.477262.008.276
Freya KempENG-W6 Aug 202215 Sep 20224151510.00137.844230.507.63
Heather KnightENG-W25 Mar 201414 Jul 202113122136723.67112.116712.715.564
Veda KrishnamurthyIND-W25 Jun 20117 Feb 20208833154.1352.38100.004.002
Latika KumariIND-W10 Jun 200925 Mar 201422643.0033.33
Reema MalhotraIND-W4 Aug 200628 Sep 201232650.00100.002141.008.20
Smriti MandhanaIND-W25 Mar 201415 Sep 202217176087940.53143.744
Babita MandlikIND-W3 Mar 20105 Mar 201021333.0042.86
Laura MarshENG-W10 Jun 20099 Mar 20191071394623.1794.5610924.675.691
Sabbhineni MeghanaIND-W15 Sep 202215 Sep 202211000.000.00
Mona MeshramIND-W25 Jun 201227 Jun 20122217178.5062.96
Beth MorganENG-W4 Aug 20067 Mar 201054472811.75111.901114.007.002
Sravanthi NaiduIND-W25 Mar 201425 Mar 201411111111.0040.74100.0010.29
Sulakshana NaikIND-W4 Aug 200628 Sep 2012871153616.43108.492
Laura NewtonENG-W4 Aug 20064 Aug 200611777.0077.78100.004.501
Nagarajan NiranjanaIND-W25 Jun 201228 Sep 201233984.50128.573223.005.11
Shikha PandeyIND-W25 Mar 201414 Jul 2021105412313.6777.369630.176.464
Anuja PatilIND-W28 Sep 20129 Mar 20196415135.0093.756528.806.861
Kiran Prabhu NavgireIND-W10 Sep 202213 Sep 202221777.0053.85
Snehal PradhanIND-W25 Jun 201125 Jun 201111000.000.001310.007.83
Ebony-Jewel Rainford-BrentENG-W3 Mar 20103 Mar 201011555.0045.45
Mithali RajIND-W4 Aug 20069 Mar 201916164095727.2787.58100.006.003
Shivanand RajeshwariIND-W21 Mar 20167 Feb 202033510.404.332
Sneh RanaIND-W9 Jul 202115 Sep 20227522811.0073.337822.137.382
Poonam RautIND-W5 Mar 201028 Sep 2012541025125.5087.18134.003.00
Arundhati ReddyIND-W23 Nov 201814 Jul 202164321816.00103.2351118.009.832
Jemimah RodriguesIND-W25 Mar 20186 Aug 2022981414420.14103.68100.006.003
Susie RoweENG-W25 Jun 201227 Jun 201221
Priyanka RoyIND-W10 Jun 200925 Jun 201143462123.0095.83400.007.78
Natalie SciverENG-W25 Mar 20146 Aug 202214143255527.08118.6114735.006.629
Amita SharmaIND-W4 Aug 200628 Sep 20129846167.6775.418267.506.641
Deepti SharmaIND-W25 Mar 201815 Sep 202215121842936.8097.35151331.237.232
Nicky ShawENG-W10 Jun 20097 Mar 20104211711.00157.144422.256.85
Anya ShrubsoleENG-W28 Sep 20127 Feb 20209316100.00100.0091115.555.343
Meghna SinghIND-W6 Aug 20226 Aug 20221100.0011.00
Renuka SinghIND-W6 Aug 202215 Sep 2022441117.007.80
Jane SmitENG-W4 Aug 20064 Aug 200611110.0033.331
Bryony SmithENG-W25 Mar 201815 Sep 202243441622.00110.003220.005.712
Linsey SmithENG-W4 Mar 20199 Mar 201933510.605.89
Gouher SultanaIND-W10 Jun 200925 Mar 201482110.00100.008821.756.002
Monica SumraIND-W4 Aug 20064 Aug 20061
Neha TanwarIND-W25 Jun 201125 Jun 201111171717.0056.672
Claire TaylorENG-W4 Aug 200625 Jun 201132766638.00135.711
Sarah TaylorENG-W4 Aug 200621 Mar 2016882896957.80128.445
Vellaswamy VanithaIND-W21 Mar 201621 Mar 201611000.000.00
Pooja VastrakarIND-W25 Mar 201815 Sep 202274442222.00162.967275.508.39
Shafali VermaIND-W31 Jan 202015 Sep 2022991404815.56103.70200.0011.33
Sushma VermaIND-W21 Mar 201621 Mar 201611
Mady VilliersENG-W9 Jul 202114 Jul 202131222.0066.673133.006.601
Fran WilsonENG-W29 Mar 20187 Feb 202033392019.5073.581
Lauren WinfieldENG-W23 Nov 20187 Feb 202065432921.50116.225
Issy WongENG-W6 Aug 202215 Sep 202222143.007.171
Danielle WyattENG-W3 Mar 201015 Sep 2022231954312431.94129.597516.804.672
Poonam YadavIND-W25 Mar 201414 Jul 2021102111.0025.0010828.636.194
Radha YadavIND-W29 Mar 201815 Sep 202213312512.00133.33121030.107.203

IN-W vs EN-W Match Overview India Ladies Visit First T20I via Britain:

The three-match T20I series between India Ladies and Britain Ladies will begin on September 10, with the main T20I scheduled to be played at the Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Road.

India Ladies are currently at the fourth position in the ICC Ladies’ T20I rankings, while the British Ladies are placed second at the finish line.

India Ladies won three matches out of their new five T20I matches while Britain Ladies similarly won three out of their new five T20I games.

The two groups have played 23 matches against each other in this arrangement so far, where Britain Ladies have won 17 matches while India Ladies have found out how to dominate 6 matches. Again, a decent challenge is expected between these different sides.

IN-W vs EN-W Match Climate Projection India Ladies Visit First T20I via Britain:

The temperature on the day of the match should be around 13°C with 98% humidity and a wind speed of 14 km/h. There are no collision possibilities during the game.

IN-W vs EN-W Fixture Report India Ladies Visit First T20I via Britain:

The surface at the Riverside Ground is suitable for bowling and offers exceptional assistance to the two pacers and spinners. Hitters should invest quality energy into center first to get moving there.

Normal First Innings Score:

A typical first innings score on this wicket is 81 runs.

Pursuing Groups Record:

The group’s batting duo has incredible records here. They maintained a triumphant level of 80 at this point.

IN-W vs EN-W Injury Match Updates India Ladies Tour Britain in First T20I:

IN-W vs EN-W Matchup of likely XIs India Ladies Visit of First T20I via Britain:

British ladies: Lauren Ringer, Maia Bouchier, Alice Capsey, Kate Cross, Sophia Dunkley, Sophie Ecclestone, Sarah Glenn, Amy Jones ©, Bryony Smith, Issy Wong, Danielle Wyatt

India Ladies: Harmanpreet Kaur ©, Smriti Mandhana (VC), Shafali Verma, Deepti Sharma, Radha Yadav, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Richa Ghosh, Jemimah Rodrigues, Sneh Rana, Dayalan Hemalatha, Simran Dil Bahadur

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