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Everything about EPL- Things You Must Know!

Everything about EPL- Things You Must Know!

Twenty club teams from England compete in the English Premier League(EPL). It is the highest tier of England’s football league structure. The Premier League is a corporation, and each of its participating teams is its shareholders. Every season lasts from August to May.

Each team plays 38 games, one at home and one away, against the other 19 clubs. Since its start, the English Premier League has included 2 clubs from Wales in addition to 47 clubs from England, making it a cross-border league. On February 20, 1992, the FA Premier League was established, and this is when the official competition began. To benefit from television rights, this competition was started. As a result, the clubs in the first division of the football league made the decision to found a new competition and leave the football league, which was founded in 1888.

Everything about EPL

Due to its 4.7 billion television viewers and 212 broadcasting territories, the English Premier League is the most-watched football league.

The Premier League has had a total of forty-nine teams since 1992. The maximum number of titles won by Manchester United is 13, followed by Chelsea with five, Arsenal with three, Manchester City with three, Blackburn Rovers with one, and Leicester City with two.

Arsenal is the only team to have finished the 2003–04 Premier League season unbeaten, earning them the moniker “The Invincibles.” Manchester City finished the 2017–18 season with 100 points, setting a record for the most points in a single season.

The final decade of the 1980s was a terrible time for English football due to substandard stadiums and inadequate amenities for fans. Due to the incident at Heysel Stadium, no English clubs were permitted to compete in European play in 1985. In 1990, England’s fortunes once more improved as they advanced to the FIFA World Cup Semifinal. The English football embargo was eventually lifted by UEFA, and Manchester United won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup the following year, in 1991.

In 1990, the top five teams in England (Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton, and Arsenal) met with the managing director of LWT and decided to leave the Football League because they were also interested in the enormous amount of television rights. After the 1991 season, a proposal was made to start a new league. This proposal was accepted on July 17, 1991, and it set the foundation for the FA Premier League.

The first season of this league started in 1992-93 with 22 clubs. In the first match, played between Manchester United and Sheffield United, Manchester was defeated 2-1, and Brian Deane scored the league’s first goal.

The EPL was dominated by the top four English teams in the mid-2000s. The top four teams had dominated during this time, and as a result, they qualified for the UEFA Champions League as well. Beginning with the 2009–10 season, two new clubs began advancing to the top four, which later evolved into the big six. Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur were the new teams.

The Premier League has a new unexpected champion for the 2015–16 season. Leicester City began their incredible run that year, winning the Premier League. The tournament originally had 22 teams participating, but in 1995, four clubs were demoted and only two were promoted to the main league, reducing the number of teams to 20. In 2007, the league’s name was changed from FA Premier League to Premier League.

In the EPL, there are 20 teams, and each team plays the other 19 teams in a double round-robin league format. They must play two games—one at home and one away—against each team. Three points are given for a victory, while one point is given to each team in a tie. Furthermore, there is no purpose in losing. If more than one team has the same top point, the goal difference and goals scored will be considered in determining the winner. Team rankings are published based on points collected. An additional playoff game at a neutral location shall be played to determine rank in the event of a tie in the championship or relegation.

Welsh team Swansea City took part in the 2011 English Premier League championship. For the 2013–14 season’s main event, Cardiff City was also elevated. Wales’ performance in the EPL improves as well. With a combined seating capacity of 806,033 and an average capacity of 40,302, there were 58 stadiums in England where premier league football was played as of the 2017–18 season.

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