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Ex-NFL Coach Britt Reid Gets 3 Years in Prison After DWI Crash Left 5-Year-Old in a Coma

Britt Reid, a former NFL coach, was sentenced to three years in prison.

According to The New York Times, Reid received the sentence on Tuesday after being found legally responsible for one felony count of DUI inflicting serious bodily harm.

The offence stemmed from a car accident on February 4, 2021 that injured the operator of Ariel Mill, who was 5 at the time, as well as four other people.

The former coach, 37, was seeking a feature of a contractual agreement he struck in September that would last up to four years. Prior to the request bargain, he had to face with a maximum sentence of seven years in prison as well as a preliminary.

Reid, the son of Kansas City Bosses main trainer Andy Reid, was promptly detained, according to a local member of KSHB.

Tom Porto, an attorney for the Mill operator family, issues the following declaration to individuals: “The victims of this crime are in disbelief that the respondent did not get the worst penalty permitted by law. No amount of jail time will ever be enough to punish the Litigant for the suffering and annoyance he inflicted on this family and the ongoing struggles Ariel will continue to face till the rest of her life. She will not give up. Ariel will make an effort, and she will succeed. She is one of Ariel’s strong points.”

Porto continues, “The family is feeling quite a deal better this thing is completed,” as an additional restriction to Individuals.

“Ariel carries her right foot now as she walks. We will consult an expert regarding leg supports in one month. “Ariel takes longer than her friends to process info. She need to be following a unique programme. She never wore the heavy spectacles she is wearing now. We live here.”

Reid has never shown regret for the incident, according to Ariel’s mother, who also stated that he should never have been given a plea deal. She said that the victims feel “insulted” and that he even asked for probation.

He really bemoans the situation, accepts responsibility for his actions, and prays for divine intervention to hasten A.Y.’s recovery.”

“Britt Reid respects the Court’s decision and values the time and attention given to this. Her life will manage the injury that Britt Reid caused.”

Reid appeared in court in Missouri in September to plead guilty to driving while intoxicated as a result of the collision on February 4, 2021. Reid struck two cars that were stopped at the edge of the parkway when he was operating his pickup truck close to GEHA Field at Sharpened Stone Arena in Kansas City.

Ariel was one of two children hurt in the collision who were riding in a disabled silver Chevrolet Navigator in the back. The second child, a 4-year-old at the time, had non-perilous injuries.

Ariel spent 11 days comatose following the incident, which also injured Reid. She was recently warned by family members that her recovery would be a long and arduous process.

Five-year-old Girl Hurt in Crash With Bosses Partner Mentor Britt Reid Has awakened from trance

According to investigators, Reid, who was the Bosses’ linebackers and outside linebackers mentor at the time of the accident, admitted to drinking before taking the wheel.

According to ESPN at the time, Reid was sentenced to eight to 23 months in prison in 2007 for an out-of-control rage outburst in Pennsylvania during which he flashed a weapon at another car. He was admitted to a rehab facility on parole.

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He also pleaded guilty to DUI and drug charges the same year after crashing his car into a shopping cart in the parking lot of an outdoor supply store.

According to KMBC, Reid said during the conference in September, “I mourn what I did.” “I made a terrible mistake. he regret to inform the family. I have no desire to cause harm.”

According to the station, when the designated authority asked whether the family had a claim to make, the mill operator got up and stated, “The supplication deal is not something my family and I support. I don’t believe he should receive it.”

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