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F1 Bits of hearsay: Did Sergio Perez intentionally crash during 2022 Monaco GP qualifying?

As per F1 Tom Coronel from Viaplay, Max Verstappen’s disobedience of group orders in the Brazilian GP was a direct result of Sergio Perez’s ‘conscious’ crash in qualifying in Monaco. However, take this one with a squeeze (or a container) of salt.

During the Brazilian GP on Sunday, Verstappen, recuperating after an early race impact with Lewis Hamilton, was on new delicate tires behind Perez.

Max Verstappen makes sense of what occurred toward the finish of the Sao Paulo Terrific Prix.

Both Red Bull drivers traded places as they planned to pass Fernando Alonso. At the point when Verstappen couldn’t overwhelm Alonso, he was given group requests to trade positions with Perez. The Dutchman, however, challenged the orders and in the long run completed in front of Perez.

In their authority Dutch transmission, the Viaplay moderator Tom Coronel expressed that during the 2022 Monaco GP, Perez had purposely crashed on his last lap in qualifying, which he supposedly owned up to Red Bull counsel Helmut Marko and group manager Christian Horner.

That was something Verstappen remembered, so he would not trade positions with Perez. In a tweet by The Message’s columnist, it was accounted for:

Het klopt wat @TomCoronel zojuist zegt bij ViaPlay. Pérez is in Monaco opzettelijk gecrasht in kwalificatie en heeft dat later ook toegegeven tegenover Helmut Marko en Christian Horner. Dat is Max Verstappen niet vergeten. #F1

Just to revive our recollections, during the Monaco GP recently, Perez’s accident on his last flying lap in qualifying implied the Red Bull driver qualified in front of Verstappen. Thus, the Mexican got the inclination in each essential call and came out on top in the race, while Verstappen just completed third.

It should be noticed that, other than Viaplay, which generally takes special care of a Dutch crowd, no different media channel covered the matter. Also, none the Red Bull staff have offered any remark on something very similar.

Our decision on gossipy tidbits about Sergio Perez purposely crashing in Monaco
The main thing we really want to remember when something like this is raised is that it very well may be taken a gander at as an assault on Sergio Perez’s ntegrity. To add to it, on the off chance that the report is valid, it would a culpable offense, and the Mexican might get a wearing punishment.

Notwithstanding, the cases simply don’t make any sense.

There are excessively many openings in this story. The first is the telemetry, which is the primary thing the FIA stewards check while examining an accident.

The second is the timing: This story came out the second Verstappen challenged group orders. The third is the sort of relationship the two drivers had before the Brazilian GP and the times Perez needed to forfeit race position to help Verstappen.

Except if more proof becomes known, and there’s any advancement on this front, any reasonable person would agree that the story holds no weight at all.

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