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F1: Fernando Alonso is aiming for his 33rd victory after collecting 100 podium finishes

The Aston Martin driver finished behind Red Bull drivers Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen in the first two races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in what has been a one-sided championship thus far.

After securing his 100th podium finish in baffling and contentious circumstances, Fernando Alonso is hoping for a better finish than his two third-place finishes thus far in the Formula One season at the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday.

In Recipe One, he could win for the 33rd time and for the first time in ten years.

In what has been an uneven championship thus far, the Aston Martin driver finished behind Red Bull drivers Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen in the first two races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Despite his conviction that there will be fierce competition for the title throughout the season, Alonso is pleased with the presence of his Aston Martin prior to the Melbourne race.

Before qualifying, the practice sessions for the Australian Grand Prix begin on Friday and continue on Saturday.

We typically have a very high level of ongoing satisfaction with the vehicle’s appearance. “Especially in Jeddah, it was better than expected,” Alonso stated. When we got there, we were pretty sure. Nevertheless, I acknowledge that the vehicles will make some basic progress in various regions following various events, as I recently communicated.

Alonso, 41, became the sixth driver in Formula One to reach the 100-podium mark when he finished third in a race in Saudi Arabia two weeks ago with a contentious postscript. The driver of the Aston Martin received a 10-second penalty for starting slightly out of position, dropping him to fourth place behind Mercedes’ George Russell.

After a successful FIA incentive, Alonso claimed that the stewards had failed to notify Aston Martin of the penalty within the allotted time. Russell stated on Thursday that he accepts that the best decision was made in spite of the unusual circumstances.

Without a doubt, it was the best decision.” “It was just a little bit of a shame what a mess it was for everyone else,” Russell stated. “We didn’t feel like we deserved to finish in third place, I think from both our and my perspective, but obviously it’s a nice feeling when you get it. In any case, when it was taken away, nothing appeared to be in good condition.

Despite the fact that “the circumstance in Jeddah was not perfect,” Alonso stated that he was pleased to be in front of an audience to praise the achievement before the stewards made their decisions.

The network boxes for the Australian Stupendous Prix and the other races have been contacted due to the situation in Jeddah. Drivers now have an easier time starting the vehicle because it now has a center line.

Alonso won the 2013 Recipe One race in Spain. On the other hand, his two phase wraps with 2023 have delighted Spanish fans, including No. Carlos Alcaraz, a fellow citizen and first-ranked tennis player, defeated Tommy Paul this week at the Miami Masters to pay tribute. Following his victory, Alcaraz reaffirmed his victory by writing “33 soon” on the transmission camera point of convergence. Through online entertainment, it sparked a friendly connection between the two of them.

It is odd to see Spain’s renewed interest in Equation One in light of everything else going on. “It’s nice to see this,” exclaimed Alonso. Before trying to get there, we should hopefully be able to get to 34.

Verstappen, who leads Perez by one point in the drivers’ championship at the moment, is aware that Alonso will soon have finished the dry season.

I think Fernando should have won a lot more races. He has a right to. I would be thrilled if he wins. 33, but in a way, I’d rather he win more,” he said.

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