F1 is furious with Verstappen: Nobody will need to work with him

F1 driver Pedro de la Rosa says Red Bull should cause Verstappen to comprehend that he was off base

Previous Equation 1 driver Pedro de la Rosa is the furthest down the line name to hit out.

The Dutchman over his choice not to let colleague Sergio Perez through toward the finish of the race.

Verstappen, who has previously protected his second back to back Recipe 1 title with Red Bull, was running in 6th on the last lap of Sunday’s race in Sao Paulo.

He was then arranged by the group to permit Perez through as the Mexican is in a battle with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc for second in the standings.

De la Rosa’s viewpoint

While talking on DAZN Spain, De la Rosa, who dashed in 107 Grands Prix with Bolts, Puma, McLaren, Sauber and HRT groups, says Verstappen’s way of behaving could demonstrate hazardous over the long haul except if Red Bull rapidly mediate.

Perez’s seventh spot and Leclerc’s fourth means the two drivers head into the last race of the time in Abu Dhabi tied on 290 focuses.

Web is angry with Verstappe

Web is angry with Verstappen: ‘This is adolescent of Max’

Max Verstappen chose not to pass Sergio Perez toward the finish of the Brazilian Stupendous Prix, regardless of a group request from Red Bull Dashing.

Not in the least did this outcome in a furious colleague, individuals via virtual entertainment are likewise attacking the Dutchman.

Drivers’ and constructors’ bosses Red Bull were, for once, off of the speed, giving them a hot end of the week at Interlagos, yet things deteriorated not long before the checkered banner fell.

With Red Bull in 6th and seventh, Verstappen, who was the quicker driver, was permitted to pass Perez to challenge Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

Perez is presently fighting Leclerc for runner up in the drivers’ title, and with Verstappen wrapping up first, his group were confident he could find the Ferrari man and remove critical focuses from him.

The Dutchman was informed that assuming he was fruitless, positions would be traded back between the two Red Bulls, and notwithstanding him neglecting to acquire any spots, positions weren’t changed.

Both De Telegraaf and ViaPlay guarantee recently in Monaco Perez conceded to purposely crashing in meeting all requirements to group supervisors Helmut Marko and Christian Horner, which implied the meeting got done with him in front of Verstappen.

Perez proceeded to take the success the next day, and it’s accepted that was the thing Verstappen was alluding

Various instances of Perez assisting Verstappen with enduring season’s title were before long featured.

With the most critical coming in the Abu Dhabi finale last year where he held up title rival Lewis Hamilton for ten seconds.

Things then, at that point, got considerably more off-kilter as group radio worked out with Verstappen’s specialist telling the boss

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