F1 live:Keep up with the most recent news from the Abu Dhabi test after the season.

Even though the racing is over, the action on the track isn’t over yet.PlanetF1 is streaming the post-season test live from Abu Dhabi to bring you the most recent information.

On Tuesday, the final day of F1 racing on the track in 2022, two tests will be running simultaneously at Yas Marina.

For Pirelli tyre testing, each team provides one car, which is driven by experienced newcomers or regular racers.

The teams are also performing a Young Driver Test in the second vehicle, giving their junior drivers a chance to shine.

1420:There is still no sign of the other four drivers.Albon, Pourchaire, Piastri, Hulkenberg, and Sargeant are also pounding around at the moment, as is Norris.

1400:We have yet to see our new afternoon participants join in, despite the fact that the informal lunch hour has ended.For Red Bull’s tire testing program, Sergio Perez gives Max Verstappen the wheel, Fernando Alonso climbs out of his Aston Martin for Lance Stroll, Lewis Hamilton replaces George Russell in the Mercedes, and Carlos Sainz gets his last race in the F1-75 after Leclerc’s morning session.

1335:Although it isn’t a formal break, there are only four cars on the track at this point, and almost everyone is back in the pits.

1325:It wasn’t either.Everything is back to normal now.Later this afternoon, we will see Lance Stroll, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, and Max Verstappen on the track.After all, Lewis didn’t make a sickie!

13:12:Debris on the track between Turns 3 and 4 raises a red flag.Can confirm that Nyck de Vries was not moving forward at the time (if you are familiar, you are aware!)

It shouldn’t be a lengthy warning sign.

13:05:The informal lunch hour has arrived, and while the majority of us have returned.

to the pits, a few of us have decided to go on.Norris, Albon, and Russell are also on track, as is Leclerc.

1258:Albon, Pourchaire, Fittipaldi, Sargeant, and Vesti are the only drivers still on the track; the majority of the cars are back in the pits.

1250:Leclerc is still leading with a 1:25.383 as he completes Pirelli’s test program 10 minutes before the official lunch hour.Robert Shwartzman is second in the other Ferrari, doing Ferrari’s Young Driver commitment for this test.

Alonso is currently third with 69 laps completed after a very productive morning.

1239:Following his earlier stoppage, Nico Hulkenberg is back on track for Haas.That has cost him approximately two hours of valuable track time as he tries to clear his head.

1233:Now entering the last 30 minutes of the first session.The one-hour lunch break at 1300 local time is coming up.The afternoon session begins at 1400 and ends at 1800.

1226:Piastri has returned to the action, yep.

1224:Piastri may soon be back out on the road again, as the McLaren has been returned to the garage.

1209:In Alonso’s 2022 vehicle, Pierre Gasly has completed 66 more laps than anyone else!

1200:Leclerc’s 1:25.383 is the time to beat in the final hour before lunch.

1152:Alonso is up to third in the Aston Martin, which will take some getting used to.

1147:Give the go-ahead, and we’ll be back on track!Perez, Gasly, Fittipaldi, and Vesti all immediately return to the course.

1145:As Piastri’s damaged McLaren is recovered, the Yas Marina remains under red flag conditions.The 2022 season only has a little more than six hours left!

1130:This is the first red flag of the day for us!After Turn 7, Oscar Piastri broke down on the track; from the media center, we can almost see the car.

Alex Albon, who has completed just nine laps of Yas Marina out of 48 total, is the driver with the fewest laps completed today.

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