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F1 Miami GP in 2023: Top three driver

The 2023 F1 Miami GP is a good opportunity for drivers who did not perform well at Baku on Sunday. Some teams were severely compromised as a result of the poor sprint format weekend. Elevated, for example, had a total catastrophe, while Haas were somewhat close behind as far as wrecking the whole end of the week.

In addition, the weekend’s relative chaos and proximity to the walls have led to a large number of drivers traveling to the Miami GP in an effort to forget about Baku. Who are these drivers? Let’s take a look now.

1) Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen will in general keep things straightforward as a rule. He must complete the following straightforward task this weekend: he needs to beat his partner Sergio Perez to win the 2023 Miami GP. The bitter taste of defeat in Baku would have only intensified for Red Bull’s double world champion as the days passed.

Especially because, unlike many races, this is the first time his defeat has not been marked with an asterisk. This season, Perez has done an outstanding job, causing a seismic shift in Red Bull’s power balance. Additionally, for a change. The Mexican is not the one having trouble with the automobile; Verstappen is it.

Last season, ideas of Sergio Perez being a possible challenger to Verstappen arose after the Mexican’s success in Monaco and afterward in Baku. Verstappen stunned everyone last season when he defeated Perez in the very next race by more than 20 seconds. He might be planning to do something similar at the Miami GP in 2023.

2) Carlos Sainz

Sainz’s certainty would have confronted a powerful breaking at Baku, as he was completely overwhelmed by his colleague Charles Leclerc. The stark contrast between the two almost made one wonder why they were so far apart.

Sainz presently can’t seem to track down the solution to this inquiry. The Spaniard attributed his difficulties to setup issues, car anxiety, and Leclerc’s strength in Baku.

This large number of variables could be authentic, yet you can’t expect the two drivers in a similar group to have such disparate exhibitions. It’s not great for the resolve of the group. Besides, it implies that one driver can’t separate the most out of the vehicle, which is definitely not a positive result by the same token.

Sainz, who values going toward any driver on the lattice, will expect to change things up at the 2023 Miami GP.

3) Nyck de Vries

Due to the amount of hype he brought to the sport, Nyck de Vries has been a complete disappointment, so less is said about him.

He was anticipated to become a Red Bull driver in the future, but it does not appear that he will do so. He was supposed to challenge Yuki Tsunoda and win, but that hasn’t happened yet.

In addition, it was anticipated that De Vries would only be a competent driver who belonged in Formula One. It is difficult to justify him in light of his first four races. The Dutch driver has been heartlessly overwhelmed by his partner and has seen Tsunoda score focuses two times as of now.

The 2023 Miami GP is another race in which De Vries will attempt to put the pieces back together after what is widely regarded as the worst weekend of his career in Baku. The Dutchman will expect to assemble a similarity to a cutthroat exhibition this end of the week as the noose around his F1 vocation fixes with each disappointment.

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