F1 team boss Christian Horner believes that Red Bull’s engine development is “a ballsy undertaking.”

The team’s decision to develop its own power unit and go independent, according to Red Bull boss Christian Horner, is “a ballsy undertaking.” Since its partnerships with partners like Ferrari, Renault, and Honda, Red Bull has a customer team.

The Austrian team established a new facility under the name “Red Bull Powertrains” in response to Honda’s untimely departure and its struggles with the non-competitive Renault engine during the Turbo-Hybrid era.

Red Bull will compete with arguably five other automotive giants for the F1 regulations in 2026: Volkswagen, Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, and Honda In an interview with motorsport magazine, Horner emphasized the scope of the undertaking facing the team by stating:

“I believe that the next step is to keep delivering and developing the team and the company here. Additionally, the powertrains appear to be our next significant obstacle. That is a huge challenge because we have a new engine company competing with Ferrari, Mercedes, Alpine, and VW Group. We still have 150 weeks before we see a Red Bull engine drive out of a pit lane for the first time.”

Added he:

“As a result, it calms the mind; It’s a difficult task. To believe that an independent team could compete with such manufacturers is a risky undertaking. But once more, it comes down to the same culture and approach we’ve used since we started racing on the chassis side. In the end, having everything under one roof has significant long-term benefits. As a result, ensuring that we achieve our goals in that area takes a lot of my time and attention.

Ford and Red Bull collaborate on F1 regulations for 2026.

For the F1 regulations in 2026, the Austrian team has announced a partnership with Ford. The electric and hybrid power unit will be developed with American automotive involvement. In comparison to the much smaller percentage required by the regulations that are currently in place, the power unit of 2026 is expected to draw 50 percent of its power from the electric component.

It’s a significant endeavor by both Portage and Red Bull. The Austrian brand has never been a part of an engine program before, so the team will hope for the best for the 2026 season with the current performance levels.

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