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FA Cup Winners List, Runner-up, Which are the Most Popular Teams in FA Cup?

FA Cup the knockout competition in English football organized by The Football Association (FA) is one of the oldest competitions in football. The tournament will be having all the top 10 clubs of football competing for the title. Check FA Cup Winners List, Runner-up, Which are the Most Popular Teams in FA Cup?.

The Cup was founded in 1871 is a huge 150 years ago in England The number of teams taking part in the league is 736 teams (2020-21). They are the qualifiers for the WEFA Europa League. The current champions of the team are Leicester City whereas the most successful team of the tournament is Arsenal which has won the title 14 times.

Check out more details about the FA Cup winners list, runners-up, and most popular teams here on this page.

FA Cup Winners List, Runner-up, Which are the Most Popular Teams in FA Cup?

FA Cup Winners List:

The tournament is rolling out matches since 1871 where it has been one of the most successful tournaments. clubs have been to the replay often however made it to the winning of the title

Check out the list of the winners of the tournament since 2004. It is the 124th finals where Arsenal bags the winning titles against Manchester United at the Millennium stadium. The 125th tournament was with Liverpool vs West Ham United where Liverpool turned out to be the winner of the league

130th2010-11Manchester City
132nd2012-13Wigan Athletic
135th2015-16Manchester United
138th2018-19Manchester City
140th2020-21Leicester City

FA Cup Runners-Up:

The current runners-up of the tournament are the Chelseas where the match was against Leicester City played at the Wembley Stadium. The scoreboards were 1-0 for Leicester City vs Chelsea. It is the 140th season of the tournament played in 2020-21.

Chelsea has been the runners-up of the season for 7 times in all the years however they have been the winners for 8 times in all the years. They have appeared in the finals for the 15 times out which they won 8 matches and runners-up for 7 times.

124th2004-05Manchester United
125th2005-06West Ham United
126th2006-07Manchester United
127th2007-08Cardiff City
130th2010-11Stoke City
132nd2012-13Manchester City
133rd2013-14Hull City
134th 2014-15Aston Villa
135th2015-16Crystal Palace
137th2017-18Manchester United
140th 2020-21Chelsea

Which are the Most Popular Teams in FA Cup?

One of the most successful teams of the tournament is the Arsenal which has been the winner 14 times in total. It has appeared in the finals 21 times where the runners-up are for the 7 times.

However, they have won 14 matches to date. Their first win is in the year 1930 however, their last win was in 2020. The second most successful team of the tournament is Manchester united. The club has been the winner 12 times out of the 20 matches they played. They have been the runners the 8 times

Manchester’s first win is in the year 1909 and their last win is in the year 2016. They lost their last finals in 2018.

The third most popular club of the FA Cup is Chelsea has been winners for the 8 times and bags runners-up for 7 times out of the 15 matches.

Top three club of FA Cup.

ClubWinsRunners-UpTotal Final AppearanceLast Final Won
Manchester United128202016

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