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Ferrari asserts that Red Bull’s F1 strength was its “Muhammad Ali” approach.

Ferrari, Red Bull’s rival, believes that the company’s success in Formula 1 this year was largely due to its “Muhammad Ali” ability to fight back when it appeared to be in trouble.

Red Bull was successful in turning the season around despite a subpar start, when it struggled with reliability and was behind in terms of pace.

After the summer break, the RB18’s weight reduction and aerodynamic.

improvements made it the most popular car. Ferrari didn’t respond, especially when it stopped developing cars due to cost cap limits.

Jock Clear, the senior performance engineer at Ferrari, was of the opinion that Red Bull did a good job of ensuring that it had the financial flexibility to move forward when it needed to as the 2022 season progressed.

Clear stated, “I think that’s probably Red Bull’s strength this year, since they appear to have been flexible.”

At times, it reminded me a little bit of Muhammad Ali’s approach. It appeared as though you had them tied down, but all they did was squirm a little and then “bang.” And you respond with: Where did they discover that, oh my God?’

consider that to be merely their prior experience as world champions. Furthermore, that is the thing we need to become acclimated to doing.

This year has been extremely beneficial. We have been fighting at the front, at the front. This year, we have learned a lot, and like all teams, we are on a steep learning curve.

According to Clear, one of the most important things that Ferrari needs to learn more about for 2023 is how to use its resources throughout the campaign to get the most out of the car’s performance while staying within the budget.

He thinks Ferrari paid the price at the end of the season for spending more money on car development in the beginning, whereas Red Bull was more consistent all season long.

He stated, “The difficulty is to determine where you will be spending your money.

most efficiently and effectively.” And a little bit of planning is required for that.

Naturally, as the planning unfolds, you realize that you may have made poor choices in the past that led to the current path.

Additionally, I believe that, from our perspective, we have accomplished all of our goals for this year. But it’s a sport for everyone.

Yes, we have underperformed compared to Red Bull in the second half of the year; however, if you understand what I mean, you would say that Mercedes has left it too late.

However, Clear asserts that the magnitude of his team’s progress should not be underestimated, even though Ferrari was disappointed to lose to Red Bull throughout the season.

He stated, “We’ve certainly made a big step forward this year.” We did think, “oh, what could have been” before the final races, but it’s amazing how quickly you reset your goals.

It is a significant advancement. Now we must keep it up. We stopped developing this car earlier in the season with the intention of ensuring our continued competitiveness in the following season, and we are right on target at the first race.

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