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Ferrari driver arises as prime applicant designated by Audi F1

According to reports, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has been added to Audi’s list of potential drivers for its 2026 entry into Formula 1. For its F1 venture, the German manufacturer has already begun recruiting talent. After Carlos Sainz’s contract with Ferrari expires, it is rumored that he will join the German team, according to a report that was published by the Swiss publication Blick. If Sauber is successful in convincing the 28-year-old Spaniard to join the team, his contract will expire after the 2024 season. Audi has affirmed its entrance as a motor maker and works outfit as it purchased a significant stake in the Sauber F1 group at present in its Alfa Romeo mask.

The strategy to recruit Sainz is said to have been orchestrated by Andreas Seidl, the newly appointed CEO of the Sauber Group. Seidl previously led McLaren as a team principal and collaborated with Sainz for two years in 2019 and 2020.

Sainz left McLaren after a brief time there to take over for Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari.

Charles Leclerc, a teammate of Sainz’s, is also said to be at the top of Audi F1’s list of potential drivers. Ferrari’s wonder, Leclerc, could likewise ponder joining the German group if the Maranello-put together group neglects to work with respect to its commitments of bringing home the championship.

After two years, how do the Ferrari teammates compare?

On the current F1 grid, Carlos Sainz has already driven for four teams. In 2015, the former Red Bull academy driver made his Torro Rosso debut. He then joined Renault in the middle of the 2017 season and stayed with the team the following year. Despite Sainz’s lackluster performances as a driver for the two teams, his 2019 signing with McLaren raised his profile.

While driving for the company based in Woking, whose fortunes were rebounding, his consistent performances were noticed. He signed a contract with Ferrari in 2021 and will drive for the team until 2024’s end.

Carlos Sainz had a heavenly presentation season with Ferrari as he set it all up in 2021. In his first year with the team, Sainz scored four podium finishes and consistently matched Charles Leclerc’s pace. He finished fifth as the “Best of the Rest” after beating Leclerc in the drivers’ standings.

As Formula One entered the era of ground effects, the subsequent season was a kind of revelation for Sainz. While Sainz had a mixed start to the season, Leclerc made the changes quickly and won two races early.

Last year, the Spaniard won his first race and pole position. He completed fifth in the standings when Leclerc was battling for the title prior in the season.

The Italian team is currently fourth in the standings and has had a disappointing start to the season. The two drivers are expecting to make a new beginning to the season in Baku.

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