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How Much get the FIFA Club World Cup 2021 Winner? Prize Money Breakdown

The FIFA Club World Club is an international men’s association football competition, the very first competition took place in Brazil in the year 2000. The current format of the tournament involves seven teams who are going to compete for the title at the venue and later on the winner joins the champions of Asia, Africa, and North America in the quarter-finals and the quarter-finals goes to face Europe and South America Championships. Check Here FIFA Club World Cup 2022 Prize Money Breakdown.

One of the most successful teams in the FIFA world cup is Real Madrid they hold the record of the most victories and the current world champions are Germany Bayern Munich who has defeated Mexico’s Tigres UANL 1-0 in the 2020 FIFA World Cup. Also, the winners receive a huge amount of money which gets a lot to different six participating teams. So now let’s check out the complete details of FIFA Club World Cup 2022 Prize Money.

FIFA Club World Cup 2021 Prize Money Breakdown

UEFA the 2021 and 2019 champions (Bayern Munich), (Palmires) are going to enter the competition at semifinal stage whereas their participating fees are $ 2 million they get their money by participating in each club and if the team get qualify in the second round they will get additional $1 million and after on if they qualify for their semifinals it will add more to it 1.5 $million. Whereas the runnerup team gets $5 million and the winning team will receive another $6 million and their earlier stages money too. Also, Check HERE – Top 10 Best Football Tournaments In The World Right Now.

FIFA Club World Cup 2022 Prize Money Breakdown - Winner and More
FIFA Club World Cup 2022 Prize Money Breakdown here

Here is FIFA Club World Cup 2021 Prize Money Details

StandingsPurse Money
Winner$6 million (add on $4 million bonus)
Runner-up$5 million
Third Place$4 million
Fourth Place$3 million
5th Place$2.5 million
6th Place$2.5 million
7th Place$2.5 million
Overall Prize Money$29.5 million

New Format 2022

The new season of FIFA World Cup is going to take place in China and there will be confidential six teams who are going to compete against each other and instead of the match playing December it will take place during the months June and July. Whereas there is also going to be some changes in the price the winner and the runner-up will receive another price as compare to the last year amounts.

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