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FIFA Video Game List, Why did EA Sports’ partnership end with FIFA?

Unfortunately, after almost three decades, one of the most successful commercial relations in the sport came to an end. We still can’t believe it happened. But it happened. And the fact is that FIFA’s relationship with EA is over. Check FIFA Video Game List.

This is very sad for gamers. Has failed to strike a new licensing agreement with the world football governing body. As a result, the FIFA video game will disappear. And later, you’ll see something else instead.

FIFA Video Game List, Why did EA Sports’ partnership end with FIFA?

FIFA Video Game List
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The EA Sports FC will be launched in 2023 after the partnership company with FIFA makes the final game later this year. The video game maker, Electronic Arts, and FIFA, the world governing body for football, have been at loggerheads for months.

As a result, the partnership has ended without an agreement. In this condition, no popular game was created as a cultural event. Not only that, but for many, FIFA is not a game. Rather, FIFA is a sports political organization.

Now FIFA has to look for new video gaming opportunities outside of EA. Although not credible, it is true! Although like adding fuel to the fire, the CEO of EA said, “We are grateful for the great partnership we have had with FIFA for many years”.

FIFA Video Game List, Why did EA Sports’ partnership end with FIFA?

This is not the end, he added, the future of global football is bright. And the fandom around the world has never been stronger. So they have reason to keep EA sports FC at the center of the game.

Similarly, there is an incredible opportunity to bring a more innovative and authentic experience to the growing football. So EA has made a new agreement. Which was supposed to end after this year’s World Cup in Qatar.

But it has been adjusted to go to the Women’s World Cup next summer. However, once the tournament is over, players will have to get used to the new name for the series. Which is EA Sports FC.

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