FIFA World cup 2022: Mexico won the last match of the day

2-time champion Argentina has entered the pre-quarterfinals of the Football World Cup. The Argentine team, playing under the captaincy of German club PSG star footballer Lionel Messi, defeated Poland 2-0 in the Group-C match.

However, despite the defeat, the Polish team managed to make it to the knockout rounds. At the same time, the journey of Saudi Arabia and Mexico, which was upset in the very first match, came to an end in the group stage itself.

Two matches of Group C were played on Wednesday-Thursday night. The first was played between Argentina-Poland and the second between Mexico-Saudi Arabia. Mexico won the second match 2–1. Even after that, he was out of the World Cup.

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Mexico won the last match of the day

The Mexico team won their last match against Saudi Arabia, but the team could not reach the next round. In their last match, Mexico beat Saudi Arabia by a margin of 2-1.
Henry Martin scored the first goal of this match. He gave Mexico a 1–0 lead in the 47th minute of the match.

After this, Lewis Chavez scored a goal in the 52nd minute to put his team ahead 2-0. The lone goal for Saudi Arabia came in injury time of the second half. Salem Aldavasari scored a goal to reduce the margin of defeat for his team.

Messi’s team is on top, and Poland on second

Messi’s team, which was the victim of an upset in the first match, made it to the next round by staying at the top of the points table of their group with a win. At the same time, the Polish team finished second despite the first defeat. Argentina has 6 points and Poland has 4 points. Mexico and Saudi Arabia remained third and fourth with 4 and 3 points respectively.

Now talk about the Argentina-Poland match

McAllister and Julián Álvarez scored a goal each for Argentina at Stadium 974. In this match, the Argentine team performed better in every field. Argentina made an aggressive start in this match. Messi made several attempts at goal in the opening 10 minutes, but the goalkeeper made 2 excellent saves. Even after this, the Argentine team continued to attack. Even after that, could not score in the first half.

At the start of the second half, Brighton McAllister scored for Argentina. This was his first international goal. Here Argentina got a 1-0 lead. In the 67th minute, Alvarez doubled Argentina’s lead by scoring his first goal at the World Cup. Fernandez created a chance for Alvarez with a brilliant pass and he did.

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