Final Fantasy 16’s Exclusivity Window Could Cause the Game To lose Its Luster

Final Fantasy 16 will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 for a sum of six months, and that extensive exclusivity could prompt indifference.

2023 is as of now shaping up to be an incredible year for computer game releases, and Final Fantasy 16 is likely one of the most expected launches of the whole year. Declared back in 2020, Final Fantasy 16 is the following enormous mainline passage in the long-running RPG franchise.

Based on the trailers released so far, it’s shaping up to be perhaps the most impressive section in franchise history, with a lot of complicated characters, a convincing focal plot about fighting factions, and a battle that builds upon the best elements of Final Fantasy 7 Change and Final Fantasy 15. However, there’s one elephant-sized issue surrounding Final Fantasy 16, and that is its PlayStation exclusivity.

From the second it was first declared, Square Enix has let fans know that Final Fantasy 16 will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 at the send-off, yet temporarily. That exclusive time span, however, wasn’t straightforwardly uncovered until about a month prior, when an official promotion for Final Fantasy 16 guaranteed that the game would be exclusive to PS5 for a very long time.

Square Enix has since affirmed this, implying that fans with a PC or Xbox should stand by 6 months before they can play Final Fantasy 16, which could be unfavorable to the game’s success.
Final Fantasy 16’s PlayStation Exclusivity Could Lose Fans

At the new Game Awards, Final Fantasy 16 was finally given a release date of June 22, 2023. This means that, at the exceptionally least, fans should hold on until December 22 2023 preceding they can play Final Fantasy 16 on PC or Xbox consoles.

While console exclusivity is the same old thing in the gaming industry, with first-party titles almost always staying exclusive for a decent couple of years, it doesn’t usually occur with huge name outsider titles, as they stand to get significantly more cash flow by contacting the largest crowd possible.

Six months may not sound like quite a while, especially when fans have been sitting tight since 2016 for another mainline Final Fantasy section and have hung tight for decades for a Final Fantasy 7 change, however, in the gaming sphere, six months is a lifetime.

Gamers are presently residing during a time when a film, game, or Network program gets spoiled before it’s even out because of leaks. In the event that fans are sufficiently fortunate to keep away from spoilers before the piece of media is out, then they better consume that media as fast as possible, as spoilers will start stirring things up around town within just a couple of hours of release. After about possibly 14 days, it’s open season, and spoilers are all over the place.

For long-term fans of the Final Fantasy franchise that can’t justify getting a PlayStation 5, it will be practically impossible to keep away from spoilers for seven days, not to mention six months. While Final Fantasy 16 is sure to have much more to it than just its story, the story always plays a significant job in the experience, and having it spoiled could cause the game to lose its luster a little.

Fans are also residing during a time when pre-release publicity is absolutely everything for media outlets. To sell tickets to movies, or lock in pre-orders for games, companies need to get their crowd energized for their item sometimes before they release, and building publicity through trailers is a surefire method for doing that.

While this is unquestionably working for Final Fantasy 16, with fans raving over each trailer that gets released, part of the fan base is prohibited from the situation for a long time. Those without a PS5 simply won’t be as energized for Final Fantasy 16 because of its exclusivity, and when the game finally releases in six months’ time, all that is shiny and new just won’t hit as hard, possibly prompting some disappointment.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released on June 22, 2023, for PS5.

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