Five of the best midfielders at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

There have been numerous stunning midfield performances at the tournament. In Qatar, some of the best midfielders in football adopted the style, and we are grateful for that.

While the most lauded members of any football team are the flashy forwards, midfielders are the team’s heart and soul. There is a saying that football games are decided in the middle of the field, and the battles that take place there typically determine the outcome of a game.

Football players’ intelligence and technical abilities are tested in the midfield. Due to the high volume of traffic, there is limited space in the middle of the field. The game’s most crucial aspects include maintaining possession of the ball in the middle of the field or winning it back to alter the game’s pace.

The forwards are typically adored by casual fans, whereas the midfielders are adored by purists, and for good reason. Let’s take a look at five of the best midfielders competing in the 2022 FIFA World Cup without further ado.

#5 Aurelien Tchouameni (France)

It is extremely difficult to take on the role of N’Golo Kante. Aurelien Tchouameni, a high-priced Real Madrid acquisition, tucked in at the base of France’s midfield like he had always belonged there.

Tchouameni’s defensive and game-reading abilities belie his age, and he gave France’s midfield more heft. The Real Madrid player was a great shield for his defenders, but what really set him apart was how neat he was on the ball.

At the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Tchouameni had a pass completion rate of 90.4%. As a result, he was someone his teammates could always trust with the ball, in addition to being an excellent destroyer in the middle of the field.

The 22-year-old, who is already one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, would have learned a lot playing at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

#4 Enzo Fernandez (Argentina)

The introduction of Enzo Fernandez into the fray marked a turning point in Argentina’s World Cup victory. Fernandez was not a starter for Argentina going into the tournament, but he made an impression in the few opportunities he got off the bench in the first two games.

In addition to being technically gifted, Fernandez is also a tireless midfielder. He didn’t back down for a second, and even when he wasn’t chasing the ball down, his superb passing and vision were making chances for his team.

Fernandez was moderate with the ball at his feet and strong during guarded advances. Fernandez, who arrived in Qatar as a midfielder with a lot of potentials, will receive the “Young Player of the Tournament” award when he plays for his club again. In addition, his stock prices have skyrocketed in the past month.

#3 Luka Modric (Croatia)

When Luka Modric’s heroics propelled Croatia to the 2018 FIFA World Cup final, it was widely assumed that it would be the legendary midfielder’s final international appearance.

Four years later, Modric has defied our predictions by speeding through the Qatari stadium in his prime like an absolute baller. As we have become accustomed to seeing him do, he authoritatively commanded Croatia’s actions and manipulated time and space.

The 37-year-old played 656 out of a potential 690 minutes for Croatia at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Modric was everywhere, winning the ball back with effective challenges and using his incredible passing range to control the game.
At the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Modric had the most progressive passes of any player (61).

#2 Sofyan Amrabat (Morocco)

Morocco’s performance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup may have been it’s most impressive. This achievement required a concerted effort from the team. One of the heroes of their historic campaign was the Fiorentina midfielder Sofyan Amrabat.

Amrabat covered every blade of grass in his vicinity as he relentlessly pursued balls. He seemed to be everywhere, giving the impression that he was even performing the work of two players at times.

He was not only excellent as a midfield destroyer, leading the 2022 FIFA World Cup in terms of most recoveries (57), but he was also precise in possession. In addition, he competed in the tournament six times and ran an incredible 70.58 kilometers.

Every time Amrabat emerged from the crowd and led his team on a broad counterattack, he demonstrated remarkable defensive resolve and technical proficiency. He will be a big deal at the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

#1 Antoine Griezmann (France)

Antoine Griezmann was the driving force behind the French team that came so close to winning the World Cup for the second time. The dynamic player from Atletico Madrid performed admirably as number 10, and Dider Deschamps’ steadfast assistant also did not disappoint him this time.

France was anticipated to struggle in midfield without Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante. While Aurelien Tchoumaeni provided them with a lot of defensive toughness in the middle of the field, Griezmann’s work rate and creativity helped them stand out.

In his efforts to inject creativity into France’s attacks, he labored and never compromised on functionality or effectiveness. Griezmann completed the 2022 FIFA World Cup as the joint-top help supplier with three to his name from seven appearances.

He also had the second-most recoveries among French players and made an average of 3.5 key passes per game. Additionally, Griezmann had the most opportunities at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, with 21.

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