Five Things Bray Wyatt should do at WWE Survivor Series 2022

Bray Wyatt has subsequently ended up bodily on WWE TV for the primary time seeing that making his go-back return at Extreme Rules. It’s uncertain what position the previous Champion will play at Survivor Series this weekend, however, despite the fact that he would not have a suit, there are lots for him to be covered in.

Wyatt has seemed to have stepped right into a feud with LA Knight in current weeks, after quick altercations among the 2 guys that caused Knight being mysteriously attacked.
The following listing appears as simply 5 matters that Bray Wyatt should try this weekend at WWE’s Survivor Series event.

#5. Bray Wyatt should face LA Knight one-on-one

Just 4 suits had been made legitimate for Survivor Series at present, which means that there can be many others introduced main as much as the display. Bray Wyatt and LA Knight have a valid storyline that would result in a one-on-one suit on Saturday night.

It’s uncertain if LA Knight is in a function in which he should battle a suit for the reason that he became determined subconsciously behind the curtain. But if he is deemed suit then the suit might be made this coming week on SmackDown.

#4. Wyatt should assault every other WWE Superstar behind the curtain

Wyatt has been looking to preserve his mood seeing that he made his go back to WWE or even apologized for hitting LA Knight the week earlier, however, the big name went directly to slap him twice.

This physicality seems to have unleashed the beast that Wyatt became looking to maintain internally and will now result in him happening every other rampage thru the roster. This should result in many WWE Superstars being attacked behind the curtain, with numerous stars pointing the finger at Wyatt, with the thriller apparently unfolding.

#3. Bray Wyatt should express regret for his moves on SmackDown and admit he attacked LA Knight

Bray Wyatt did have a problem with Knight on SmackDown and his masks became visible behind the curtain earlier than he became attacked. As many wrestling enthusiasts are aware, this is not definitive evidence that whatever happened.

Wyatt should head to the hoop and word that he did assault Knight and express regret as soon as again. But at this point, it is turning into clear that he’s locating it tough to be himself and wishes to show return to The Fiend.

#2. Wyatt should reduce a promo and screen who certainly attacked LA Knight

Interestingly, LA Knight is the form of a big-name who should have set all of this up himself to make Wyatt agree that he’s dropping manipulate again. Knight might be out to gaslight the previous WWE Champion withinside the hopes that he’ll see him develop into the monster he as soon as became.
At the identical time, Uncle Howdy might have been the only one to do it seeing that he has additionally been gaslighting Wyatt in current weeks. He should reduce the promo and display a video of the incident in which he makes it clear that he had not anything to do with it, despite the fact that he became the top suspect.

#1. The return of The Fiend

It has ended up clear in current weeks that this storyline will result in the go-back of The Fiend. The masked big name became at Extreme Rules and is but to be visible on TV seeing that then, however, might be a part of Survivor Series or even invade the War Games suit.

If Roman Reigns is ready to select out up the win along The Bloodline, it might be pretty the swerve for the lighting to exit and Wyatt to then take down the complete solid and assist Reigns to be pinned for the primary time in nearly 3 years. This might then open the door to a feud between Wyatt and Reigns.

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