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Football Team Italy Players Salary, Fixtures, Highest-Paid Players All You Need To Know

Italy’s football team is known for its best performance. There are many professional players who play for their team. If you are a football lover who wants to know about your favorite players from Italy. You can read the information given here. We will know about the salary of Italian football players. Who is the highest-paid player on the Italian football team? So Check Football Team Italy Players salaries.

Football Team Italy Players Salary

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Football Team Italy Players Salary

Many players of the Juventus club are popular in Italy’s team. Which are included in the expensive players of Italy’s team Those who get more salary in Italy team.

Highest-Paid Players Serie A

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is included in the great football players, due to his excellent performance. The team has won many times due to them being in the Italian Premier League. The team has reached a new level, this Portuguese player is included in Juventus. He is more fit, so he had to pay 100 million euros to keep him on the team. This player will be seen playing in the Italian Premier League till 2022.

2. Matthijs de Ligt

This is a young Dutch player who is the second player in Serie A. He is known for the highest payouts. Also, a Juventus player who was paid 75 million euros de Ligt earns bonuses in addition to his payouts. Their contract is till 2024.

3. Romelu Lukaku

This is a brilliant player from Belgium who is known as a hitman. He has been selected as a new player in the Italian team Serie A. He has confirmed his place in the team as a great striker from the very beginning. The player has joined this team after paying 7.5 million euros. In addition to this the player earns 1.5 million as a bonus.

4. Paulo Dybala

All Juventus players are known as the highest-paid players in the Italian league. Dybala is a professional player who has won many trophies for the team. Due to his hard work and ability, this player earns 7.3 million euros by contract. According to this, this player will be seen playing till June 30, 2022.

5. Adrien Rabiot

The French player is ranked sixth in the list of Italy’s highest-paid players after joining Juventus. Rabiot earning 7 million euros as his payout and 2 million euros as a bonus.

6. Aaron Ramsey

This player is known for his excellent playmaker style. This is the midfielder of the Italian team who can play in many different positions. This player takes 7 million euros as payment, based on this salary, this player is the highest salary ever. The British player has become the recipient.

Apart from this, there are many players in Italy’s team who earn very well, among them. Miralem Pjanic earns 6.5 Million Euros. Apart from Leonardo Bonucci who takes Douglas Costa for a one-year deal, which is paid about 6 million Euros. Gianluigi Donnarumma also receives payments of up to around 6 million Euros.


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