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Former NFL player Brendan Langley Why fight at Newark Airport?

The former NFL athlete Brendan Langley was recently involved in a physical fight. A United Airlines employee at Newark Airport and a witness documented the incident. It depicts Langley as well as a gate officer fighting. Which starts with slapping and is ended with punches being delivered. Check Former NFL player Brendan Langley Why fight at Newark Airport?

 Langley was arrested in the end and was charged with simple assault. According to the TMZ, The employee was then fired. Langley completed his college career at Lamar. And was selected in the third round by the Broncos in the year 2017.

Former NFL player Brendan Langley Why fight at Newark Airport?
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Previous NFL Stars Charged at an air terminal fight with United Worker

 The former NFL player Brendan Langley was charged for being involved in a fight. In the Newark airport with a United Airlines employee last week. The fight allegedly broke out after Langley 27 utilized a wheelchair to transport his baggage through the airport. Instead of using the trolley.

The video captures the moment that the employee – who was reported to have been fired — spits out blows before retaliating. Football League as a wide receiver. Langley was signed to the Georgia Bulldogs in November 2012 and spent the 2013 as well as 2014 seasons. With the team before leaving and spending his last two years at Lamar.

Why the fight of Brendan Langley at Newark Airport?

It’s unclear who initiated the fight. Langley but, insisted that he didn’t throw his first strike, as per TMZ. A spokesperson from United Airlines told TMZ that the employee was fired in the wake of the incident.

Langley hits the employee who falls over the ticket desk, which is near the carousel for luggage. Although he appears to be bleeding the worker gets up and slaps the pro-athlete who is heard screaming, “Oh, you want another one?”

 Langley is seen to appear to get hit by the employee before striking the employee. A United Airlines employee falls over the desk at check-in and then stumbles. And is attempting to fight Langley while bleeding from his head.

 “You can observe so many united employees looking on as I’m asking for help,” Langley wrote in the tweet. “Most crazy perspective is that not a single one of them assisted with halting the episode! It was as though they had the arrangement to make it happen. As if I was an eye on me.

Final word

Langley finally knocks the employee down with a kick to the head. But, the employee stands up and heads towards Langley shortly afterward, with a bloody face.

He played in 16 games for Denver in two seasons between 2017 and ’18. He was on special teams and was released before the season of ’19. He’s currently a part of the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.