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Former Nigerian football association president freed from Kidnapper

Ahmed Sani Toro, Nigeria’s previous secretary-general of the football federation, who was abducted on June 18th. he has been freed by military kidnappers. According to the BBC, two more guys, former Nigeria under-23 assistant coach Garba Ila and Isa Jah, were also freed. Check out complete details about it below.

Former Nigerian football association president freed from Kidnapper

These three were abducted on Saturday evening. It happened while heading back from Abuja to Bauchi following going to the wedding of the son of the previous president of the Nigeria Football Association.

“They’ve been talking to one of Toro’s children and demanding some ludicrous ransom that may be impossible for them to obtain.” It’s particularly unfortunate since Garba Ila was just hospitalised and is in poor health,” the BBC said.

The BBC stated on 20 June that the abductor had dropped their several demands. Although, it is unclear if the money was paid until they were freed.

Kidnappings for money have become all too regular in Nigeria. Armed gangs killed almost 2600 people last year, according to statistics from the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project.

Last month, Nigeria’s Senate enacted legislation mandating at least 15 years in prison for anybody who pays a ransom to a kidnapper in order to liberate a kidnapped person. The measure also made kidnapping an individual a capital offence in circumstances when the deaths occurred.

The new framework to penalize members of the family who pay ransoms has sparked a national controversy.

Toro served as the secretary-general of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for six years beginning in 1993. And was in charge while Nigeria reached for their first World Cup finals in 1994.

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