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formula 1:Who is the new girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton? Everything you need to know

See Figures Formula 1:Lewis Hamilton and model Camila Kendra’s blossoming friendship: Lewis Hamilton, who competes for Mercedes in Formula One, is a…Lewis Hamilton and model Camila Kendra’s blossoming friendship: Camila Kendra and Lewis Hamilton, who drives for Mercedes in Formula One, are dating.InsideSport provides updates on Formula 1.

The Sun was informed by a reliable source that “Their friendship started to develop into something more.”She was staying at his Colorado residence. despite the fact that they had long been friends. The relationship between Camila and him grew more passionate.

Last year, Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time F1 champion who was also knighted in December, became close to her. Lewis is 37 years old, while Camila, who was born in the Dominican Republic, is only 28.

However, things have settled down now, and Camila is no longer with Lewis. In addition, she has stopped following him on Instagram. Her friends thought they would get along great. However, it is evident that it was not to be, as they are no longer as close.

Lewis’s friends insisted that they were just good friends and nothing more. The Brit driver has recently remained silent about his adoration life. Lewis had also been with Nicole Scherzinger, a well-known pop star. Lewis admitted in 2015 that they had split after seven years of marriage.

Lewis Hamilton is worth a whopping £190 million. He was previously linked to pop star Rihanna (34) and TV star Kendall Jenner (26)Lewis was last seen on the grid during the preseason testing in Barcelona, where he was fastest overall.

He will now be seen once more in Bahrain during the second preseason test. It begins on March 10 and runs through March 12. On March 20, the season begins in Bahrain.

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