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From small Salem shops to every major sports venue in the state

From small Salem shops to every major sports venue in the state

From small Salem shops to every major sports venue in the state: In addition to their existing sponsorship arrangements with the Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox, Sal’s Pizza has now agreed to become the official pizza of both the Patriots and the Revolution.

From small Salem shops to every major sports venue in the state: In addition to their existing sponsorship arrangements with the Celtics
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Beginning this month, Sal’s Pizza will be serving as the official pizza of both the New England Patriots and the New England Revolution.

Because of their recent sponsorship contract, they are now the sole provider of pizza at Gillette Stadium, in addition to being the official pizza of all of New England’s major professional sports teams, including the Red Sox, the Bruins, the Celtics, the Patriots, and the Revolution.

When Salvatore Lupoli first launched Sal’s Pizza in Salem, New Hampshire, in 1990, he had no idea that the business would go on to achieve the level of success that it has today. But he was aware that he was on to something that had potential.


“Beginning a company at the age of 22 was tremendously thrilling, but it was also incredibly worrying. Lupoli shared his story, “I sold my automobile, and my father took out a third mortgage.” It makes my heart happy to see what it has become after 32 years have passed.

Today, the company operates 16 shops across the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In addition, they offer pizza in major sports arenas, in grocery stores, and from a mobile food truck.

Lupoli, a native of Chelmsford, completed his undergraduate education at Northeastern University, where he majored in commerce with the goal of becoming a real estate entrepreneur. During his time at Northeastern, he participated in an apprenticeship in the North End that taught him the ins and outs of the pizza industry. He commuted there and back on the Green Line.

He claims that his parents provided him with the most sound counsel throughout his life, not the teachers at his schools.

Lupoli statements

Lupoli relayed the following conversation to Sal: “They said, if you use the best materials and you manufacture the biggest product and you sell it for the best price, you should do the most business.” “Those pillars served as the blueprint for how I was going to achieve success,” you could say.

Back in 1990, Sal’s cheese pizzas measuring 19 inches in diameter and weighing three pounds each were priced at $4.99 each. 

These pizzas were created daily using fresh dough, crushed tomatoes, freshly ground cheese, and pure olive oil. Today, you can expect to pay anything from $16 to $19 for one, depending on the region. Lupoli claims that he has been making his pizzas with the same well-known brands of ingredients for the past 32 years.

Lupoli is thrilled to discover that places all around the state offer food of this caliber, which is prepared from scratch.

According to Lupoli, “These are some of the top sporting franchises in the world, and they’ve all decided to shift to a fresh product for their customers.” Moreover, “they’ve all decided to move to a fresh product for their customers.” At each of the stadiums, the pizza dough is rolled out, and the pizzas themselves are baked in ovens located on the premises.

In addition, as Lupoli points out, companies such as Gillette are taking steps to help other regional, New England-born companies.

Lupoli also owns the Lupoli Companies, which were just ranked as the fourth largest commercial developer in Massachusetts by the Boston Business Journal. This fulfills Lupoli’s desire of starting a real estate business that he’s had for decades.

Nearly 6 million square feet of property, most of which is mixed-use and includes residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces, is owned and managed by Lupoli Companies.

Some of their more well-known trademarks include the Thorndike Exchange in Lowell and the Riverwalk Innovation District in Haverhill, both of which are primarily based in the Merrimack Valley.

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