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G2 Gozen Members Become the First Women to Win Both Valorant and CSGO World Championships

The members of G2 Gozen accomplish a significant feat by becoming the first women to win both CSGO and Valorant world championships.

Three members of G2 Gozen became the first female world champions in both Valorant and Counter-Strike, making history:Counter-Strike: Global offensive the recently concluded Game Changers Championship grand finals of the Valorant Championship Tournament (VCT) in Berlin, the all-women team from the EMEA region defeated Shopify Rebellion from North America.

In October 2021, G2 Gozen, formerly known as The Originals, was signed by G2 Esports to represent the organization in the VCT Game Changers. Julia “juliano” Kiran, Petra “Petra” Stoker, Michaela “Mimi” Lintrup, Anastasiya “Glance” Anisimova, and Maryam “Mary” Maher are currently on the roster.

Since they began competing last year, G2 Gozen has had an impressive run in the VCT Game Changers EMEA Series, placing in the top three.

In a grueling five-game competition at the VCT Game Changers Championship grand finals, they took on Shopify Rebellion.G2 Gozen became the first Game Changers world champion after winning 3-2.In addition, Juliano, Mimi, and Petra now hold CSGO and Valorant world titles.

All three women were a part of the XSET CSGO team until September of last year before they became pros at Valiant.
The esports community was impressed by their achievement. They were hailed as “legends” by Valorant fans for their outstanding performance in both Valorant and CSGO.

Additionally, many expressed gratitude to Glance and Mary for giving everything they had throughout the tournament. On their respective social media accounts, each member of G2 Gozen expressed happiness and gratitude.

NA’s C9 White, dubbed Valorant’s first dynasty at the start of Game Changers, was the fan favorite to win it all. Shopify Rebellion, on the other hand, defeated the team in the lower bracket in Berlin.In the championship tournament, they finished fourth.

Nevertheless, Cloud 9 and C9 White members demonstrated their support for the other teams, particularly G2 Gozen, the current world champions.

Generally, the main VCT Huge advantage LAN was a triumph. Since the Valorant program was declared last year, it gave all-ladies groups across all qualified locales the to feature their FPS ability. With each match, fans also got to see world-class talent. There were plenty of cheers of encouragement from the crowd at the Game Changers event in Berlin.

It appeared to be as loud as the VCT LAN’s main crowd.

Riot Games is very likely to keep running this circuit, which should hopefully free up more spots for the next championship.

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