Gellenthien & Schloesser: Topping the compound qualifying @ World Games

Gellenthien & Schloesser: Topping the compound qualifying @ World Games

Gellenthien & Schloesser: Topping the compound qualifying @ World Games. Top seeds are Mike Schloesser and Tanja Gellenthien. The compound qualification was completed on 8th July morning at the World Games in Birmingham, USA.

Canadian archer Chris Perkins and Schloesser both shot 713 out of 720 points in a 72-arrow 50-meter round. Schloesser, with his 38 Xs against 25 from Perkins, retained the position. He is world number and maintained the top seed streak in 2022. He will now continue for another event.

Schloesser said, “I feel like I shot good. I had some sloppy mistakes, but I handled the weather very good, and I’m happy about that,” 

“The best archers are here, the best people to qualify are here. I knew before it was going to be a tough match. You get commentary [on] every round how you’re standing, so you have some knowledge about what’s happening.”

Here by commentary, he referred to the announcements of Crispin Duenas. Crispan is an Olympian-turned-talent.

Competition turnaround remained quick. The eliminations start within a few hours after qualification ends. Schloesser is targeting to maintain form. His goal is the first World Games medal in the second attempt.

“Same as always, show my best again and see if it’s going to be enough this time,” he said about the competition this afternoon. “I feel like my shooting was good, so I’m not going to change anything about it. Just keep doing when I’m doing.”

Tanja Gellenthien of Denmark is also shooting well. Gellenthien qualified and topped in the compound women’s event. She is like shooting at home. 1 of 3 archers on the field will relocate to the USA to remain with partners.

The Dane scored 708 points, to stay clear of Sara Lopez, Colombia’s No1. Sara is the ruling World Games Champion. 

Sara, and Slovenia’s Ellison, are now tied at 706 points. It includes 58 10s and 29 Xs. It was a coin toss to find who seeded second. Lopez proved to be lucky.

Gellenthien said, “It is very satisfying. You always work really, really hard, so it is amazing when it comes together in the tournament, too,” She now stays in Kentucky, along with her husband Braden. Braden is a US compounder.

“I had a really good practice yesterday, and I knew where I wanted to be, and this is right with it, so I am happy. I know I can put some good arrows together, so I just have to do it again.”

Ellison is shooting for Slovenia. Now she lives in the USA along with her husband Brady. She gets back in action after a successful yet limited 2022 to date.

“I started with a 56, and I finished my first half with a 57. I had some work to do in between, and after [but] I finished strong, I am feeling good, my shot timing was really good today, and I had fun,” said the 29-year-old. 

“I just started maybe a little bit weak and then continued doing my process. I know I am shooting well, and I know I am ready. Sometimes a nine can happen. You just recover from that as soon as possible and shoot a 10 because you know you can.”

Both Abhishek Verma (707, ninth seed) and Jyothi Surekha Vennam (702, sixth seed) failed to take place in the top five qualifiers (Individual). Both combined and seeded first in the mixed segment. It’s a good start for the Indian team. Topped as favorites in the doubles title in Birmingham.

The World Games Competition continues. The compound eliminations were witnessed, on Friday afternoon.

Compound men- The Top Seeds

1. Mike Schloesser, Netherlands 713 65 10s 38 Xs
2. Christopher PerkinsCanada 713 65 10s 25 Xs
3. Roberto HernandezEl Salvador  711 

Compound women – The Top Seeds

1. Tanja GellenthienDenmark 708
                2. Sara LopezColombia 706 58 10s 29 Xs (Coin Toss)
                3. Toja Ellison        Slovenia706 58 10s 29 Xs

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