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Genshin Impact 3.4 Special Program Livestream Date Affirmed

An official Genshin Impact declaration reveals the specific release date for the impending Special Program Livestream occasion for update 3.4.

Genshin Impact’s official social media accounts have at long last uncovered the specific release date of the impending Special Program live stream occasion for update 3.4. Two or three days before each new update arrives, designer HoYoverse holds a live stream occasion that shows all the forthcoming substance including new characters, weapons, artifacts, and events.

Genshin Impact previously reported the appearance of two new characters to the roster, the Dendro users Alhaitham and Yaoyao. Alhaitham is supposed to be a new five-star character while Yaoyao could have a lower extraordinariness which persuaded numerous players to think that they will show up on the same pennant.

A post on Genshin Impact’s Twitter account has affirmed that the 3.4 Special Program live stream will be hung on January 6 at 07:00 AM (UTC-5). The occasion will give more data about the playable characters who will utilize the new Dendro component. Alhaitham will obviously be the second Dendro DPS character after Tighnari who showed up with update 3.0. As per previous Genshin Impact ongoing interaction leaks, Alhaitham will have similar animations to an existing five-star character, the Electro user Keqing.

Many fans even gave him the moniker Electro Keqing, yet it should be noticed that while their animations look genuinely similar, the two characters have altogether different playstyles.

Alhaitham’s playstyle revolves around using Chisel-Light Mirror stacks which have several interesting effects like infusing his Typical, Charged, and Plunging Attacks with Dendro harm. Alhaitham’s Basic Burst will bargain numerous instances of Dendro harm in a huge region, similar to Keqing’s Starward Sword. The burst’s harm will get increased if Chisel-Light Mirrors are present in the war zone.

Yaoyao is one more Dendro character affirmed for Genshin Impact update 3.4, and she is supposed to be a strong healer and Dendro instrument. Previous rumors have uncovered that she will have a tumultuous playstyle that revolves around her counterfeit rabbit named Yuegui which should be visible in her official splash workmanship. When Yuegui is sent, it will toss out White Jade Radishes all around the field which detonate and bargain AoE Dendro harm.

Initiating Yaoyao’s Natural Burst will cause these explosions to recuperate close by teammates based on her maximum. HP. Some fans trust that HoYoverse could give Yaoyao free of charge as a component of the Lantern Rite festival as would be considered normal to show up in the following update. Lantern Rite is a yearly Genshin Impact occasion that celebrates the Chinese New Year.

Genshin Impact is currently accessible on Portable, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is being developed.

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