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Genshin Impact Leak Hints at Highly Requested Banner Re-Run in Version 3.8

Another Genshin Impact leak suggests a highly requested character will get a re-run banner in Version 3.8 later this year.

Another leak from Genshin Impact is hinting that Eula will get a re-run during a forthcoming patch, with the character boasting the longest gap since her last banner. Re-runs have turned into a regular part of the gacha cycle for HoYoverse’s massively popular RPG, allowing players more opportunities to get characters they missed. Game Update 3.6 is rumored to feature three re-runs with the new character Baizhu joined by re-runs of Ganyu, Nilou, and Nahida during the update. Now, one leaked impending re-run has been bound to happen for fans.

While Eula isn’t seen as one of Genshin Impact’s most powerful characters, the daughter of Mondstadt’s Lawrence clan fills an interesting niche within the game. The Cryo Claymore player features a playstyle heavily focused on physical damage, prioritizing her Normal and Charged Attacks over dealing elemental damage. Eula currently holds the dubious record for the longest active dry season since her previous banner, last appearing a while back in Version 2.3 in November 2021. Now, Eula may be hoping to make a return to the restricted banner soon.

A recent leak from noticeable Genshin Impact leakers Yukizero and Uncle Lu reveals that Eula will be finally returning to the game’s gacha in the near future. The leak suggests Eula will make her return in Version 3.8, currently accepted to send off sometime in the summer. Previous leaks have suggested Eula will play some job in the featured occasion in Version 3.8 with many speculating that the Brilliant Apple Archipelago region will return as well. genshin impact Version 3.8 is currently speculated to be the last patch before the release of Genshin Impact’s next major region in Fontaine.

Eula’s re-appearance in the game’s restricted banner will come as Genshin Impact has changed significantly around her since her last re-run. Eula’s last re-run early in the Inazuma update cycle came well before the release of Genshin Impact’s newest component, Dendro. Genshin Impact has also seen the addition of several characters supporting her physical damage-based gameplay like Yun Jin and the recently released Mika. Eula has just been featured on Genshin Impact’s restricted banner two times between her previously referenced re-run and her release in Version 1.5.

The Eula re-run leaks harmonize with the HoYoverse RPG gearing up for a lot of new characters coming to the game in the near future. Genshin Impact Version 3.5 saw the introduction of two new characters five-star Claymore wielder Dehya and the four-star character Mika. Version 3.6 will see Baizhu and Kaveh get Genshin Impact together with characters as far as Fontaine’s release being leaked all through recent weeks. Eula’s re-run in Version 3.8 will mark her hotly anticipated return for both new fans and players who missed her before.

Genshin Impact is accessible on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is being developed.

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