get the Brickade 6×6 in GTA Online after the Los Santos Drug Wars update

The Los Santos Medication Wars update has added a huge number of new missions and vehicles to Excellent Robbery Auto (GTA) On the web. Rockstar Games delivered the report on December 13, 2022, leaving players elated with the most recent augmentations and game enhancements.

On December 6, 2022, the game distributer prodded the MTL Brickade 6×6 truck and the Corrosive Lab on a newswire. On December 9, 2022, another newswire affirmed the subtleties, and they became two of the most expected topics in the update.

While the update has proactively been delivered, numerous players are as yet befuddled about how to get the Brickade 6×6 truck. That being said, this article gives subtleties on the most proficient method to get the expected vehicle in GTA Online after the Los Santos Medication Wars update.


The Los Santos Medication Wars update has uncovered numerous new components in GTA On the web, however players have not had the option to find the MTL Brickade 6×6 truck anyplace. The vehicle is essential for the new story-based First Portion series, where players are acquainted with Anxious Ron, Dax, and his gathering of hard-celebrating free thinkers, and his custom Zirconium Excursion 2, alongside different highlights and things.

Nonetheless, Rockstar has kept the Brickade 6×6 for a later stage. The Main Portion series is separated into six missions, and players should finish them all to open the vehicle. Rockstar Games’ true newswire expressed.

After the main mission in the Principal Portion series, the Freakshop fills in as a stockpiling area for the Brickade 6×6, and GTA Online players can widely change and modify the vehicle there whenever they have procured it.

The MTL Brickade 6×6 has a lodge and a back box module that can be set up as a feature of the new Corrosive Lab business. Subsequent to taking the truck, GTA Online players should likewise escape with other essential lab hardware to set up the research facility and start creation.

When all the lab gear is taken, you can introduce the Corrosive Lab overhaul at The Freakshop.

The Brickade 6×6 can likewise oblige the new Maibatsu Manchez Scout C bike behind the Corrosive Lab module. The new bike is basically a utility vehicle that can be mentioned in Freemode, and GTA Online players can utilize it to convey items from the Corrosive Lab.

Rockstar Games likewise permits players to alter the Manchez Scout C, which ought to assist them with conveying their items faster.gta is the best rockstar gaming structur.


When everything is set up, the Brickade 6×6 truck will act as the central command for the new lab, with the Freakshop filling in as its refuge. The business opens two new characters, Mutt and Labrat, who help players in running the Corrosive Lab from behind the new truck.

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