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Gloomwood Release Date, Trailer, Wiki, Review, Early Access Date

Hello Doctor, what will happen to you when such a thrilling sound comes to your ears? What do you do when a woman’s voice makes you afraid? What do you do when that woman’s laughter makes your inner soul tremble? Don’t worry, I’m not telling any ghost stories here. Check Gloomwood Release Date.

But friends, it was just a short trailer. There are still a few days left to see the whole picture. However, on 13th June, New Blood Interactive tweeted about Gloomwood. And so far I’ve been explaining the voice of the woman, which you can see in this trailer. Forced to say, the girl’s saying ‘hello doctor’ has attracted me too.

Gloomwood Release Date, Trailer, Wiki, Review, Early Access Date

Gloomwood Release Date
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In fact, we got to see the first glimpse of this game. And I can say with a 100% guarantee, that every gamer fan will love this look. New Blood released a great demo for this game two years ago and hit Steam. Needless to say, everyone has been looking forward to the game ever since.

Everyone was waiting very patiently. However, at the end of the day, a glimpse came before our eyes. And I was speechless watching this few-minute video clip.

Although we have also been informed through this video clip that on the 16th each of you will have earlier access to the game. Oops! I can’t think, one blast after another is coming. In addition, you may have to pay between $19.99 and $29.99 for this initial access.

So friends get ready for the bang-bang on gloomy wood. Yes, I can say it for sure, it will be a very good experience for all of us. After all, we all are surviving on the game. Because we don’t want our death on that game.


In terms of the trailer, it is not possible to say that we have got the trailer yet. This can be called an initial glimpse of the game’s previous access. The first thing you need to keep in mind when playing the game is to explore, scavenge, and survive.

Basically, the whole game is hidden in these three words. That means first you find out, then you kill and then you survive. Similarly, it is a free-from-search game. Where you can take any route that you like.

All these things can be seen in the trailer. And there is background music to thrill with. We can see a person searching for different types of weapons like guns, knives, and many other things. And one by one, the Croumans come in and kill the horrible corpses.


I think that’s the most important part. First I will talk about background music. Which I personally really like. As I said before, I was attracted by the girl’s terrifying voice.

As long as I’ve been listening to background music for a while, it’s pretty good. Because music shows that you are in a serious position and you have to live from there.

If I talk about visualization, it’s deadly. You can understand even the smallest things through this VFX. The sound of a sword-wielding or the sound of a gun or anything else comes to our ears along with its action. Admittedly the graphics quality is very good.

In the end, I will say that this game will be scary. You are trapped in a place where you have to survive. And to survive, everyone passes any level. The game hasn’t come to you yet, just a glimpse. At the same time, everyone is hoping that the game will be good.