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GTA 6 cover art revealed by Twitch

GTA 6, in short, is also known by the name of GTA6. It has been believed to be being developed by the studio Rockstar Games. At the moment there is no confirmation that the game is being developed. And the only thing the fans have in regards to information is rumors and not confirmed information. The players are excited to see the next installment within this series: considering the previous installment, Grand. Check GTA 6 cover art revealed by Twitch.

Theft Auto Five which was released in 2008, many believe that a brand-new game is almost certain.  In all the games in the collection. The position played by the player is one of the criminals in large cities. Then, he’s given missions to finish that aid the player climb the ladder of organized crime within that city. The missions are assigned to the player by the major crime lords or kingpins from the city.

GTA 6 cover art revealed by Twitch
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GTA Cover art for 6 leaked by Twitch appears to be made by a fan

 DarkViper AU recently announced it was revealed that GTA 6’s cover of GTA 6 has been revealed on Twitch. The art can be seen in a new category, dubbed “Grand Theft Auto VI”. But, he likely made the tweet to make fun of himself. Since the artwork on the cover doesn’t appear to be convincing.

A fan also mentioned that the cover art has a picture of palm trees. Which has been altered using a pinkish filter. Furthermore, the artwork used for cover designs of the games. That is played on Twitch is sourced from IGDB (Internet Game Database). While Twitch is the owner of IGDB, it’s an open domain that anyone can change, making it not reliable.

The artwork for the cover is popular and has been appearing online for some time. Fans did not miss out on the absurdity of the situation. The fans pointed out some of the first leaks were flagrant fake.

Sernando recorded a lot of videos on the way he was gifted an early version of Grand Theft Auto 6 and was ridiculed for creating videos about them. Since then, a variety of faux leaks about the game’s upcoming release have been discovered, from leaks of maps and gameplay to information about the plot and setting.

But Twitch is now adding Grand Theft Auto VI as a category, noting how hyped the title is. Rockstar confirmed the existence of the game in February of this year’s calendar but no further information has been made public.

 This article examines the details of the supposed revelation and decides if it’s true.

GTA 6 Leaks are nothing other than rumors, announcements, or leaked videos and images of future updates for the game. Because GTA 6 is not yet known or confirmed the leaks are linked to the announcement about the release date as well as the storyline, characters, and more.

Twitch seems to have created a brand new category for GTA 6 and already has its box artwork. But, it appears to be among the popular fan art designs to promote the game after a closer examination.

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