GTA Online Player Identifies Issue with First-Person Mode

A GTA Online player identifies an issue with the view when switching between third- and fourth-person perspectives, rendering a routine task a chore.
A GTA Online player has complained about a glitch in the game’s first-person perspective, and many players agree.

Fans are dissatisfied with some ongoing issues that have not been addressed as the game approaches its tenth anniversary.
While Rockstar Games has chosen to wind Red Dead Web-based down, GTA Online is as yet pushing ahead.

New missions, heists, content, and Los Santos business to own are added to the game on a fairly regular basis, but issues with the game’s most fundamental systems have irritated some players.
The issue at hand, as TheEldenCasual pointed out on the GTA Online subreddit, is that driving in the first person is neither ideal nor particularly realistic.

They shared a collage of images depicting the player’s perspective while driving a car in first person. It is more difficult to see what is approaching on the road because the dashboard and steering wheel takes up a significant portion of the screen area that can be seen.

A secondary image depicts the player driving in what TheEldenCasual considers to be a more desirable position because the windshield is more centered on the screen and more of the road is visible.
Other fans were quick to comment and agreed with the post’s general message.

Many people said that this would be a good point of view if the player character were short, but GTA Online players are tall. Some made fun of the player’s requirement for a booster seat. Interestingly, the second image with the better perspective is also a normal view in the game, but only when the player climbs into the car for the first time.

The view shifts downward, giving the impression that their character has sunk into their seat once they are actually ready to drive for some reason that is not clear.
GTA Online’s first-person mode is, thankfully, completely optional, so any player who has trouble seeing or gets sick from it can easily switch back to third-person.

When the game was first released for the then-next-gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems, the first-person mode was touted as one of the game’s major enhancements. Since then, it has been eight years, so it is unlikely that the POV of the game will ever change significantly.

One can only hope that GTA 6 will offer players a first-person mode that is more adaptable, even though GTA Online players may be out of luck in this situation.

The ability to alter the angle or height of the player in the car would make driving in first person much more comfortable for everyone.

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S all support GTA Online at this time.

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