Haas announced the F1 car launch date for 2023, concluding the reveal season.

The launch date for Haas’ car has been finally revealed, completing the calendar for all F1 teams. They will be the ones to kick off the Formula One launch season and provide us with a glimpse of the 2023 automobiles, similar to the previous season, despite the fact that they were the last to announce their “livery reveal” date. According to a post on social media, the team will unveil their challenger, the VF-23, successor to their VF-22, on January 31, 2023.

Red Bull, the champions from last year, and Williams will launch cars after Haas. The launches will conclude with Alpine’s car reveal on February 16, 2023, and all teams have scheduled their dates until the middle of February.

In order to prevent a repeat of the problem of porpoising that many teams encountered in 2022 as a result of new regulations, the upcoming season will see a few modifications made to cars and their aerodynamics, such as changes to the ride height. With a new driver lineup and sponsors in 2023, Haas is anticipated to improve its development.


Haas witnessed a significant shift in their performance between 2021 and 2022.

When Kevin Magnussen returned to the team, they were much better than they had been in 2021, when they had no points to their name. They finished the 2022 season in eighth place in the standings with 37 points. Even though this indicated a positive improvement, the team had a lot of potential. After letting go of UralKali at the beginning of the season, the team suffered financially despite having a good understanding of the areas in need of improvement.

MoneyGram will provide the team with financial backing as the new season approaches. Furthermore, since Mick Schumacher was let go from the team, their new lineup has sufficient experience to return to winning ways.

Nico Hulkenberg was hired by the team to drive in Schumacher’s place. The German has extensive experience driving for a variety of teams in Formula One. In 2022, when Sebastian Vettel was unable to participate in the race, he even drove for Aston Martin in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The American outfit’s performance is expected to improve significantly with his and Magnussen’s combined experience.

It is anticipated that the team will rise from the bottom of the grid because they will not face many financial challenges.

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