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Hardik Panday revel what advice MS Dhoni gives him in his initial days

It has been a remarkable return for star all-rounder Hardik Pandya to the game after a break of very nearly five months since the T20 World Cup 2021 drubbing. Pandya got back to full wellness with the Gujarat Titans (GT) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and not just driven the side to their lady title yet, in addition, had a phenomenal competition with both bat and ball and subsequently got back in the saddle to the Indian group.

Presently, the 28-year-old will be driving the public side without precedent for the impending visit through Ireland. In the four games for the Men dressed in Blue in the continuous series against South Africa, Pandya has proactively played two or three significant thumps with the bat and sewed pivotal stands with Dinesh Karthik on the opposite end.

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What Hardik said :

Both Hardik Pandya and Dinesh Kartik chatted after the game and in a video uploaded on the BCCI website, Karthik asked Pandya if he sees any difference in his role when he plays in the IPL and for the Indian Team and he said that his main focus is to play the situation and for the badge while revealing golden advice which Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave him regarding handling pressure.

“For me, really nothing changes since I play what is happening, I play the image which is there on my chest. The main thing which I need to get better with time, it’s about how… perfection and how oftentimes I can do exactly the same thing which I accomplished for Gujarat Titans and for India too.”

Further, He Added

“In the initial days, Mahi Bhai showed me a certain something. I asked him an exceptionally basic thing like ‘how would you move away from tension and everything?’ And he offered me extremely straightforward guidance. It was like, ‘Quit pondering what is your score, begin thinking about your group’s expectations.’ That example has adhered to my psyche and sort of assisted me with turning into the player which I have become. Whichever circumstance I go in, I evaluate and play likewise.”