Hardik Pandya, Rohit Sharma, and Rahul Dravid had given up on Chief Selector Chetan Sharma: Report

According to a PTI report, Chetan’s alleged remarks did not go over well with the BCCI VIP, and the ongoing public crew members also lost faith in him.

Chetan Sharma, a former India pace bowler, resigned from his position as director of the senior determination board following a sting operation conducted by a news channel in which he was alleged to have uncovered classified information.

Chetan has acknowledged that he has renounced his consent to BCCI secretary Jay Shah. After the sting, it was no longer possible to defend his position.

On Friday, a senior BCCI source spoke to PTI about the state of secrecy. “He surrendered willfully and was not approached to leave,” the source said.

Chetan was in Kolkata with other members of the selection panel for the Ranji Prize. Which went to Saurashtra over Bengal. They were there to select a group for the Irani Cup.

Chetan, on the other hand, left for Delhi after his consent was acknowledged. Avoiding the waiting media at the airport terminal.

Chetan claimed during the Zee News-directed sting operation that many players took infusions to help them return to serious cricket despite only being 80-85% fit.

The previous player also claimed that he and the group had different opinions about how Jasprit Bumrah. A pace bowler had returned from a pressure break for the T20I series against Australia in September of last year.

He also made sure that T20I captain Hardik Pandya. Pace bowlers Umesh Yadav and Deepak Hooda always came to his house.

Chetan also mentioned the connection between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma and confirmed that Kohli and former BCCI president Sourav Ganguly had a dispute over Kohli’s self-image.

It has been discovered that Chetan’s alleged remarks did not go over well with the BCCI VIP. The ongoing members of the public crew also lost faith in him.

“Mentors Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya, as well as mentor Rahul Dravid, have completely lost faith in him.

Since he had lost all respect, he could never have sat across from them at a choice council meeting. Another source from the BCCI stated, “He took care of being a loudmouth.”

It is believed that senior members of the Indian group and caretakers had asked the highest BCCI officials their questions.

Chetan was allegedly duped into the sting operation under the guise that his feedback was needed for research for a well-known OTT docuseries.

“He got the call in the middle of his two stretches as director of public selectors. Maybe he talked a little more, like saying Hardik Pandya would relax in his home in Delhi.

Hardik has never visited his residence. expressing opinions regarding Virat Kohli,” a BCCI source stated.
Shiv Divide Das, the former India opener, could be promoted to break executive because he has appeared in the most Tests of any current player on the selection board, 23.

Following India’s semi-final exit from the T20 World Cup in Australia. Chetan and the determination advisory group as a whole had previously been fired. He submitted a new application for the position and was given a second chance to be a director.

Chetan, an effective speed bowler who represented India at the ODI World Cup and played while Kapil Dev was in charge of cricket, is the nation’s most memorable full go-around player.

In any case, Chetan is best known for being hit by Pakistan’s Javed Miandad for a six in the final ball of the 1986 Austral-Asia Cup final in Sharjah.

The sting is a major setback for the players’ relationships with the media. In the future, the BCCI is likely to issue a gag order prohibiting officials and players from speaking to the media.

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