“He would emerge with a snake…”: The WWE wrestler The Undertaker most feared is revealed

At any point in his life, did the Undertaker feel threatened by any WWE wrestler? Many of his fans have been intrigued by this question.

The Undertaker, a legendary WWE wrestler, was well-liked by fans for his intimidating, tall persona on screen. He was just as terrifying in the ring as portrayed.

After all, going 21 WrestleMania victories unbeaten is not an easy feat that requires absolute dominance over other wrestlers.

But at what point in his life was the Undertaker himself afraid of any WWE wrestler? Many of his fans have been intrigued by this question.

The Undertaker recalled that The Sheik was one wrestler he really feared as a child during a recent conversation he had with boxing great Mike Tyson on Tyson’s YouTube channel.

When I was a young youngster, around 10 or 11 years old, “He (The Sheik) terrified the snot out of me.” I was a Houston, Texas, resident at the time.

The Sheik was going to work with someone, and my mother had some tickets. I can’t recall whom he was scheduled to wrestle with.

Each one feared him. On rare occasions, he would appear brandishing a serpent and a fireball.

The Undertaker went on to explain what it was like for him as a child to see the wrestler he thought was the most terrifying.

The Undertaker went on to say, “We got ourselves all psyched up.” We are on the rail and out there, and they are about to fall.

He just lunges at us as we begin to yell at him. We thought The Sheik was going to get us, man, and when we tried to run, we pretty much shot the entire row.

This old lady was eliminated by us. We were pushing hard to get out of the way! The 57-year-old ended.

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