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Here is the Complete Summer Game Fest 2022 Games List



Get ready for the biggest summer game festival. At the same time, the cancellation of E3 2022 has created a void in the center of the video marketing season. As a result, most gamers are looking forward to Summer Game Fast. This year’s Summer Game Fest is set to mark the third year of Geoff Kigley’s gaming season. Check Here is the Complete Summer Game Fest 2022 Games List.

Although it is not a summer game fest or a conference or event. Instead, it is a season of digital events. Where various publishers’ and developers’ live streams are included. Like every year, this year too Summer Games fest 2022 will start with a live kick off show. Most importantly, this year’s big games will be full of some releases, announcements, and updates.

Here is the Complete Summer Game Fest 2022 Games List

Here is the Complete Summer Game Fest 2022 Games List
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And note that Keighley is hosting all the games here. At the same time, he tweeted about it. Where he says with great excitement that we are going to run a show that is going to be a lot bigger. There are many great games with big titles.

And in this tweet, he announced that the summer game fest is going to be live on June 9. And you will see this game from 3p.m in the afternoon and at the same time from 6p.m in the afternoon according to GMT.

He also said that we have a lot to share with you and a lot of games to share. Despite all this, we have already seen glimpses of some of the games in his video. Geoff put it as the latest statement that anything could happen.

However, I can also say that something big is going to happen and you must be there to see it. Xbox, PlayStation, Epic Games and more could be on display throughout Summer Fest 2022. So keep your eyes and ears open and enjoy live streaming.

games list:

I also know you are excited to know what games are coming to Summer Game Fest. So let’s not mercury your excitement anymore.

  • One Piece Odyssey – 11a.m PT/2p.m ET/6p.m GMT
  • Arsenal – 2p.m ET
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • The Callisto Protocol
  • Gotham Knights
  • Honkai: Star Rail
  • Cuphead: the delicious last course