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Here’s how much prize money did each PUBG Mobile team earn at PMGC 2022

The PUBG Portable Worldwide Title (PMGC) 2022 finished up on January 8, with Turkish group S2G Esports delegated champions. The group displayed an elevated degree of hostility from the main match prior to acquiring a sizeable lead over different groups.

The PMGC 2022, which highlighted 50 groups, started off on November 10 and played in two phases: the association and the finals. A sum of 48 groups from around the world contended in the association stage until December 4, with simply 14 groups progressing to the finals.

The award pool for the whole competition was $4 million, which was approximately 33% not exactly the earlier year. A $2.5 million monetary reward was circulated among the contending groups in the association, while $1.5 million was dispensed to the finals.

S2G Esports got the triumphant award of $420,000 in the finals and $90,000 in the association. In the mean time, DRS Gaming from Nepal procured an all out prize of $292k, incorporating $92k in the principal stage. Alpha7 Esports packed away $217k, which included $120k in the finals.

The Independent Showmatch, hung on the first day of the season of the PMGC Finals, was secured by Soulles from S2G Esports, who won $3K in prize cash. Five individual titles were likewise given to the players, however none were granted monetary rewards.

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Here we will post about which groups will partake in the PUBG Versatile Worldwide Title and how and where individuals can watch it in India. The live spilling of PMGC 2022 will begin consistently according to the timetable and fans will actually want to pay attention to critique in numerous dialects including. In India, you can watch this title on PUBG Portable Esports, Facebook, YouTube channels.

The competition additionally saw the ruin of a few major groups, like Nova Esports, Four Furious Men, Bigetron RA, Nigma Cosmic system, and HHVP (previously NAVI), alongside a few others. Different groups, in the mean time, showed remarkable exhibitions alongside S2G, DRS, and Alpha 7.

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The following global PUBG Versatile occasion, the PMWI, will be held in July in Riyadh, trailed by PMGC 2023, planned for Turkey in November. These groups will currently partake in a few provincial challenges to procure seats in these occasions.

The Gathering Stage, occurring from 10 November 2022 to 27 November 2022 will divide 48 groups into 3 gatherings. The main 3 from each gathering will progress straightforwardly to the PMGC 2022 Thousand Finals, and the last four groups will be disposed of.

The Endurance Stage will happen from 30 November 2022 to 2 December 2022 with the leftover groups from the Gathering Stage fighting it out for one of the 16 accessible openings in the Last Opportunity. The Keep going Possibility, coordinated on 3 December 2022 and 4 December 2022 will then, at that point, give the last test just the best four groups making a beeline for the PMGC Stupendous Finals.

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