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“His clothes were torn, his face was covered in blood”: Rishabh Pant’s rescuer provides chilling details of the accident

Luckily for Rishabh Gasp and his fans, a driver, who goes by the name of Susheel Kumar, was available right now the mishap occurred, and quickly acted as the hero. Rishabh Pant, a cricketer for India, was involved in a terrible car accident on Friday morning. A local driver helped Pant get out of the burning vehicle safely. Pant, 25, was fortunate to avoid serious injury and is currently receiving treatment at Max Hospital in Dehradun.

A gasp had clearly rested off while driving, which prompted his quickly moving vehicle, a Mercedes-AMG GLE43 Car, to slam into the divider and cause the accident.
Fortunately, the driver, who goes by the name Susheel Kumar, was present when the accident happened and rushed to the cricketer’s aid right away. Susheel revealed that he was traveling from Haridwar to Haryana on the opposite side of the road when he observed Pant’s car colliding with the road and being pushed to the other side by the force of the impact.

More importantly, Susheel had helped Pant safely cross the road by spotting that the vehicle was about to catch fire. At 4:25 in the morning, our bus left Haridwar. I was on my way when I noticed a fast car that lost its balance and crashed into the divider. The car landed on the wrong side of the road, which leads to Delhi, after the impact.

I applied the brakes as soon as I noticed the car had sped into the second lane of the road. So I and the guide hurried to get him out of the vehicle. By then, the fire has already begun. Susheel disclosed this to a number of media outlets, “Then, three more people came running and got him on the safe side.”

Susheel went on to say that he didn’t know Pant’s name until the cricketer told him. Which was to call an ambulance, and he did so without giving a hoot about making videos or wasting time. He said that at first, there was no help. Even Pant’s mother’s phone number couldn’t be reached. However, the ambulance got there in time to take Pant to a hospital nearby.

With scratch marks all over his body and blood dripping from his face, Pant was in terrible physical condition. However, Susheel and a few other locals jumped to save the day before the situation got any worse. “We started screaming for help, but nobody came. No one answered when I called the National Highway.

The conductor then summoned an ambulance after I ran up to the police. We frequently inquired about his health. provided him with water. He informed us that he is Rishabh Pant after regrouping. Susheel added, “My conductor then told me ‘Sushil… he is an India cricketer'” because I don’t follow cricket.

He gave us the number of his mother. After 15 minutes, the ambulance arrived, and we loaded him into it. Additionally, he had scattered his cash on the road, which we retrieved and placed in his hands. I inquired as to whether he was distant from everyone else in the vehicle. He said there is nobody. His clothes were torn, his face was covered in blood, and his back was scratched. He was limp and in panic.

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