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Hockey:With a home World Cup in sight, the Indian men’s hockey team will look to fine-tune their final preparations against the formidable Australia

Dilip Unnikrishnan 2 hours ago Updated 2 hours ago India play five matches against Australia in preparation for the 2023 FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup | Hockey India The author Jim Collins’ concept of one of coach Graham Reid’s frequently cited teachings.
Reid has focused on India’s defense ever since their Commonwealth Games campaign came to an end when they lost 7-0 to Australia in the final.Reid’s team faces Australia in a five-match series to find their best approach heading into the FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup in Odisha, which begins in a little more than a month. They clearly tried out a variety of strategies in the FIH Pro League mini tournament that just ended.

During the Pro League mini-tournament, Reid said in a press conference from Odisha, Im not too concerned about the physical aspect he went on to explain what he meant when he said he wanted good intensity throughout the match. In addition, over the course of the past month or so, we have tried various things.Do we stick with those, move on to other endeavors, or return to our existing core press?This is the concept behind these matches.

Reid stated, We are still changing little bits and pieces based on what the team does.

Before the Olympics, one of the things we learned was that we need games like these to know what other teams will do to you.We can plan and carry out everything we do in Bangalore either alone or in competition with the juniors.However, the constant change is having a coach examine your structure and attempt to overcome it.
The way you defend is an ongoing, moving, and breathing animal because teams will try different strategies that either work for them or don’t.That applies to us as well.It is impossible to make too many changes at once.Similar to computer support, itAssuming you reassess out and you do this and do that, you wouldn’t realize what really works and what doesn’t work.It’s a collaborative process.

Focus on the World Cup In Australia, India will face a tough test against a team that will also use the games to figure out their World Cup plans.Since many players will be vying for a spot at the World Cup, the Kookaburras will be iKookabur.It will be great competition for us…India is a very strong team, and these will be the only matches we play before the World Cup; therefore, we are delighted to play against a team of India’s caliber.Australia coach Colin Batch made the statement prior to the series.

The importance of these matches—the meetings and trainings we have between now and then will hopefully enable us to reach that .

The level again—in contrast to the Olympics, when we had 6-7 months of training together.We just want to play as well as we can and re-establish our connections and understandings on the pitch he added. Selection for the World Cup team is up for grabs in this series.

India has been working on rebuilding their defense since their 7-0 defeat in the Commonwealth Games final.The best way to gauge India’s development ahead of a home World Cup would be to compete against the game’s “Goliaths” once more.As both teams compete in practice ahead of the big event that is to come, the performances will be more important than the results.

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