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Top 10 Hottest Female Golfers 2023

Golf, some people love it, and some people think it is extraordinarily boring.

Whether you love it or assume its level simply makes it lights-out time for you there is no doubt that the game can get substantially more intriguing when there is some decent sight to behold out there swinging the clubs.

Here is Top 10 Hottest Female Golfers 2023

10 Sophie Horn

Credit- Pinterest

Ok, we can’t lie on this one, Sophie appears to be more similar to a model than a golfer, so much so that we almost didn’t put her on the rundown. She was more dynamic in golf back around 2012 yet not much golf or modeling from that point forward. Seems like the only put you can find her is on records like this.

Enjoy her while you can, when we update this rundown she will probably be quick to go since she doesn’t appear to be dynamic.

9 Maria Verchanova

Credit- Golf Channel

Maria is a Russian golfer and is the primary Russian to become a full-time individual from the Ladies European Tour. She also set a course standard during the Rio Olympics with a 62. On top of that, she has also done a lot of modeling over the years.

8 Lily Muni He

Credit- Deemples

Lily is a Chinese pro golfer who plays on the LPGA Tour. As a pro, she has won both the Prasco Good cause Championship and the LPGA Q-Series. She has also marked endorsements with Nike and WeChat.

7 Lexi Thompson

Credit- CGP

Up next we have Lexi Thompson who is an American golfer with the LPGA Tour. Lexi really qualified for the US Women’s Open at 12 years old which is the youngest age ever to do so. She turned pro at 15 years old and at 16 years old turned into the youngest-ever champ of an LPGA Tournament.

From that point forward she has gone on to have a fruitful career winning 1 major and almost a dozen other tournaments.

6 Michelle Wie


Michelle is another American that plays on the LPGA Tour. She was also the youngest to fit the bill for an LPGA Tour occasion and holds numerous other titles under the “Youngest Female Golfer” Category.

She has won 1 major and a few other tournaments over the years and has persevered through controversy for playing in the men’s tournaments yet hasn’t done so starting around 2008.
Michelle is hitched to the son of b-ball legend Jerry West and Michelle brought forth a child young lady in June of 2020.

5 Beatriz Recari Eransus

Credit- Pinterest

Beatriz is a Spanish pro golfer with the Ladies European Tour as well as the LPGA Tour. She has 3 LPGA Tournament wins to date along with 1 in the Ladies European Tour.

4 Lucy Robson

Credit- Youth Page

Up next we have British golfer Lucy Robson She falls under the category of an “Instagram model who golfs”. In truth, she is amazingly hot yet she doesn’t golf professionally.
She was named the Fortune Coast Player of the Year in 2012 and 2013 and played golf in college at the College of South Florida and Cal Poly.

From that point forward not much besides on Instagram, however with her large following she could undoubtedly pop up at a VIP golf tournament, I’m certain the folks wouldn’t fret watching.

3 Cheyanne Woods

Credit- Racing Post

Cheyanne Woods is the niece of Tiger Woods so golfing is obviously among her qualities. She won more than 30 beginner tournaments before turning pro and has won the Volvik RACV Ladies Experts.

Outside of golf, she enjoys ping pong, climbing, and voyaging. She would be in sports broadcasting in the event that she wasn’t playing golf professionally.

2 Blair O’Neil

Credit – youtube

Blair O’Neil is a pro golfer, model, and Golf Channel host and is the victor of the golf unscripted TV drama “Enormous Break: Dominican Republic” among other things.
Unfortunately, folks, she is hitched.

1 Paige Spiranic

Credit- Mid Day

Now we come to the top of the rundown, or bottom, contingent upon how you look at it. Either way, the simple choice is super hottie Paige Spiranic.
If you have any desire to see more of her you can check out her Instagram, you won’t be disappointed.

She does her reasonable part of golfing however hasn’t exactly golfed professionally beginning around 2016. Nowadays she is more of a social media golfer and commenter along with some modeling which she does well indeed.

She does a good job of staying quiet about it yet she is also taken.

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