How can Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy be unlocked?

There are a lot of fantastic beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. You can locate them if you devote sufficient time to your classes. While exploring the Wizarding World, it is essential for players to concentrate on taming beasts. It goes beyond simply rescuing wild animals; During gameplay, it can also assist you in acquiring essential reagents for your potions.

Beasts can be tamed and brought back to the Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy, where you can take care of them. The essential information about the fantastic creatures of the Wizarding World can be found here.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how can you begin taming Fantastic Beasts?

You must return to your studies after finishing Percival Rackham’s Trial in Hogwarts Legacy. The 21st Main Quest, Beasts Class, can be tackled at this point. The Beasts class consists of a short set of goals.

  1. Go to Beasts class
  2. Brush the Puffskein
  3. Brush a Kneazle
  4. Feed a Kneazle
  5. Speak with Professor Howin
  6. Talk to Poppy
  7. Go with Poppy
  8. Brush Highwing
  9. Feed Highwing

When you complete the Beasts class in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be able to explore the world around you while protecting Fantastic Beasts from poachers and other predators. You’ll learn about Puffskeins and Knealzles, two magical creatures, from Poppy Sweeting.

Nab-Sack is also necessary. This is one of the game’s useful spells for saving animals. The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom is the quest that grants you access to it. This is the game’s 23rd Main Quest. This will be given to you shortly after you finish the Beasts class. To begin, you will speak with Deek, the House Elf in The Room of Requirement.

He will provide you with the Nab-Sack spell, which you will use to save three animals—a Mooncalf, a Jobberknoll, and Puffskeins—only visible at night. After completing this quest, you will be able to save wild animals. It will take some time and effort to complete this quest, but it is well worth it.

You can capture the beasts and bring them back to the Vivarium with the help of Poppy Sweeting using the Nab-Sack. She showed you how to use the Beast Feed and the Beast Petting Brush to feed your new friends. If you want, you can also give them new names or let them go free.

The map’s paw print icon will let you know when a beast needs to be rescued and tamed. In Hogwarts Legacy, each den has its own magical creatures; therefore, you should frequently explore to look for them.

To get the ingredients for your potion, it helps to have a lot of different beasts. Later, you can even breed animals. Because of this, spending some time in the Vivarium is worthwhile.

It’s a great idea to participate in Hogwarts Legacy’s Beast Taming system, especially if you want to make potions. It could save a lot of time to have the right animals nearby to farm materials from without having to find them in the wild.

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