How many times a day does Cristiano Ronaldo sleep? The Al-Nassr superstar’s incredible work ethic is demonstrated by old comments from a sleep expert

Nick Littlehales, a sleep expert, revealed the Al-Nassr superstar’s obsession with efficiency in a previous interview. This revealed the curious nature of Cristiano Ronaldo. Because of his dedication, Ronaldo doesn’t sleep for long periods of time and takes several breaks throughout the day to stay sharp.

SportBible says that the Portugal icon sleeps in a fetal position five times a day for an hour and a half each time. Typically, Cristiano Ronaldo would wind down after dinner before going swimming at 10 p.m. After that, he would sleep until midnight and then wake up at three in the morning to begin his day.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s inquisitive nature was discussed by Littlehales, who worked with the superstar at Real Madrid. He explained to The Independent:

“Anyone who has ever worked with Ronaldo is aware that if you are having a conversation in the corner of the room, he will come over and inquire about what you are discussing.”

“When Carlo Ancelotti became manager of Real Madrid in 2013, I was offered a job there. When Ronaldo ran over, I was conversing with Madrid staff from the edge of the training field. Because he has always invested in himself as an athlete, he was interested in what I was trying to do.”

Littlehales finished up by saying:

“Working with Ronaldo has taught me that he is not interested in fad diets or following others’ examples. He only cares about the following: Is it effective for him?”

Ronaldo has been able to stay at the top of his game for this long thanks to his incredible work ethic and dedication. The 38-year-old forward has continued his scoring streak for Al-Nassr, scoring eight times and providing two assists in seven games played in the Saudi Pro League for his new team.

Following Al-Nassr’s victory over Abha, Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message of congratulations to Abha:

On Tuesday evening (March 14), Al-Nassr faced Abha in the King’s Cup quarterfinals at Mrsool Park. Sami Al-Najei, Abdullah Alkhaibari, and Mohammed Maran scored for the club in Riyadh, propelling them to the semi-finals with a 3-1 victory.

On the field, Cristiano Ronaldo remained quiet and occasionally showed signs of frustration. On the other hand, as he thanked his teammates for earning a spot in the semi-finals, he appeared content on Twitter.

He penned:

“What a winning team! We advance to the semifinals! Ronaldo failed to make a single shot in 87 minutes of play. He completed 21 passes, had three shots blocked, and was twice found to be in the wrong place.”

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