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Gold, Silver, and Bronze Olympic Medal How much Worth?

Olympic medals are an award for the successful competitors of the tournament that is the Olympic Games. The medals are awarded on the basis of the top three positions secure at the games. So check out below How much Worth is Olympic Medal: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

The priceless Olympic gold medal is awarded to the competitor who holds position one in the games. The silver comes as an award for the runner-up of the game. The bronze medal is won by the position three holders of the games.

The value for the Olympics medals is very high because it doesn’t come with a check from the International Olympic Committee. The committee usually supplies the winner of the games with the prize amounts for their victories.

The winners will get the cash prize of $37,500 who wins the gold medal in the games. The silver medal holder gets the cash prize of $22,500 and the bronze medal holder in the tournament will receive a cash prize of $15,000.

The winners of the tournament in the year 1896 of Olympic games receive the silver medal whereas the runner-up of the tournament bags the copper medal.

The another Olympic game took place in 1900 where the winners bag the trophies instead of medals.

However, the three types of medals were introduce in the 1904 of the game.

The trend is now evolving where the winner receives the gold medal, runner-up receives the silver, and position three receives the copper medal.

How much Worth is Olympic Medal: Gold, Silver, and Bronze
How much Worth is Olympic Medal: Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Value of Gold Medal

The Gold medal of Olympics 2018 Pyeongchang weighs 586 grams. The weight is almost 20% higher than the weight of the 2016 Rio Olympics gold medal. There are 15 sports disciplines and 102 medals awarded.

The 2018 Olympics gold medal has 99% silver and 6 grams of gold plating.

The diameter of these medals is 92.5mm where the hosting city of the game decides the design of the medals. The gold medals approximately require a gold of about six grams and silver about 92.5%

Value of Silver Medal

The silver medal is an award for the runners-up of the game. The value of the silver medal is also as high. The weight is 580 grams for the silver medal.

What is the Value of the Olympic Medal?

The value of the gold during the Olympics 2018 was $43 per gram and $0.60 per gram. The true value of the gold medal of the 2018 Olympics is $606.

The worth of the medal has increased in 2018 as compared to 2016. In the 2016 Olympics, the worth of the gold medals is $532.

There were 864 bronze medals which contain 475 grams of copper that are almost about 95%. The amount of zinc in it is 25 grams which are 5%.

The gold medal design in 2018 is a replica of the history of the Olympic games. It signifies the participation of the athletes in the game.

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